Jaya Yoga

Jaya Yoga is a simple yoga that arises with a simple combination. “Jaya” means “success”, and it is formed when the lord of the 6th house is weak and the lord of the 10th house is exalted. The 6th house has malefic effects, some of which will be mentioned later, however, this house being weakened means that the natives will enjoy the benefic results of the 10th house lord who is now exalted since all the negative forces holding back the native’s prosperity will have been removed.

Natives of this yoga will have the following results:

  • They will have a long and happy life.
  • Be victorious over their enemies
  • They will seldom suffer failures or disappointments
  • Financial success through work

Jaya yoga will be formed when the following conditions are met:

  • The lord of the 6th should be weakened
  • Lord of the 10th house should be exalted
  • Lord of the 10th house must be greatly powerful

If the 10th house lord suffers aspecting from a malefic planet, the benefic results of this yoga could be reduced by a lot.

Comment and details
As was said earlier, the 6th house governs/causes malefic results in a person’s life, some of them are; enemy, diseases, debts, obstructions. on the other hand, the 10th house lord governs things like professional activities and money earned through one’s profession. The results of this yoga are highly dependent on the 10th house being much stronger than the 6th house.