Kahala Yoga

Kahala Yoga is the yoga for the courageous, it often makes its natives aggressive in their bid to gain power, fame, success, and wealth.
The Kahala Yoga is often found in the horoscope chart of those in the army or police force.
All things being equal, Kahala yoga will produce leaders or organisations and armies because of the leadership qualities that it bestows on its natives
This yoga can bring you fame, fortune, and prosperity if it holds a strong position in your natal chart.

Like other yogas, Kahala yoga has rules and conditions that govern its formation. Kahala yoga arises when:
1) 4th house (House of Happiness) makes a quadrant with the 9th house (House of Luck),
2) The lord of the 4th house is directly associated with the lord of the 10th house.
In addition, Venus in Pisces and Mars in Sagittarius will be an ideal Kahala Yoga.

As always, the entire horoscope of a person must be taken into account for a proper reading of their yogas, and for Kahala yoga and excetion is that you may not experience its full power if the 1st house (House of Self or Ascendant) holds a weak position in your horoscope. In this case, the results of Kahala yoga for you may not be positive, or it may be weak. If the lord of the ascendant does not support the Kahala Yoga, the native may become loathsome and lazy, disliked by all.

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Comments and other details
Kahala Yoga may cause ups and downs in the native’s life as a way to build the strength that it is known for, this is likely to create a mix of emotions like unhappiness and chaos. But in the end, this yoga builds natives that have the passion and confidence that is required for true leadership. Also, if this yoga is in a dominant position in your birth chart, it will make you an aggressive and hot-headed person who does not listen to anyone and takes his decisions alone.