Kalanidhi Yoga

Kalanidhi yoga is a benefic yoga that arises when Jupiter is placed in the 2nd or 5th house, and Jupiter is aspected by Mercury or Venus. Another way to put it is; Jupiter must occupy the 2nd or 5th house identical with Mercury or Venus’s own house.

Because of the planets and houses involved in the formation of this yoga, natives have a wide range of results:

  • From the 2nd house theygetwealth through investment stands for stocks, shares, kind of investments and wealth generation through investment.
  • The 5th house & Mercury improves their higher learning skils, and ensures sharp communication skills
  • From Venus natives get a happy life, and creative intelligence.
  • And Jupiter gives them luck and spirituality.

Kalanidhi yoga will arise if the following rules are followed:

  • Jupiter should be in the 2nd house or 5th house
  • Jupiter must be aspected by Mercury or Venus

Aspects from malefic planets will adversely affect the result of this yoga, or even cancel it.

Comment and details
Kalanidhi yoga is a pucca Raja Yoga because of the conjunction of three benefics in the house of wealth and fortune. This yoga has also been observed to arise when Jupiter is with Mercury or Venus (or both of them) in the 9th house. This makes sense because the 9th house is the house of fortune.