Kulavardhana Yoga

Kulavardhana Yoga is a yoga that mainly affects one’s lineage and longevity. ‘Kula’ means “lineage or community”, and ‘Vardhana’ means “one who makes it grow and prosper”. Kulavardhana Yoga arises when each planet is in the 5th house from Lagna, the Sun, or the Moon.


  • An unbroken line of successors,
  • wealthy,
  • healthy and
  • long-lived.

All planets should be in the 5th from Lagna, the Sun, and the Moon.

Comment and Details
As the name implies’ one born when the benefics are disposed in 5th from Lagna, the Sun and the Moon will have plenty of children and the family traditions will be perpetuated by his children, grand-children and so on in an unbroken fashion. The fifth house becomes the focal point. The man will also be capable of producing a large number of children.