Kurma Yoga

Kurma Yoga arises in a horoscope when benefics occupy the 5th house, 6th house, and 7th house, and join their exaltation, own or friendly Navamsas. Or when benefics occupy the 1st House (ascendant/ Lagna), 3rd and 11th house identical with their exaltation, or when they join their own or friendly signs.


  • Natives of this yoga will have fame and influence.
  • They will be courageous but mild, and helpful.
  • There may be wealth, but not much of it.


Kurma Yoga requires some conditions before it can be formed in a horoscope, they are:

  • When there are benefics in 5th house, 6th house, and 7th house and are situated in exalted, own, or friendly Navamsas.
  • When benefics occupy first house(ascendant/ Lagna), 3rd house and eleventh house identical with exalted, own or friendly sign.

Comment and details
In Sanskrit, Kurma literally means “turtle”, this bears much similarity with the results on natives – more reputation than wealth.

In some quarters, it is believed that the first set of combinations which is much rarer leans to the Navamsa disposition, while the second one is Rasi disposition.

Finally, the houses that are involved in the formation of this yoga contribute largely to its effects. The 1st house represents self, the 3rd house represents communication, the 5th house represents popularity, the 6th house represents enemies, the 7th house represents business and partnership while the 11th house represents friends and networking contacts. Benefics in any of these houses are sure to raise your influence and fame.