Lakshmi Yoga

Lakshmi yoga is one of the Raja yogas, in fact, it is one of the most auspicious yogas amongst them. Lakshmi yoga arises when the 9th house lord is in his own sign, in an exalted state or Kendra, and is associated with the dominant lord of the ascendant. Being one of the wealth yogas, one of the benefits of Lakshmi yoga is great wealth and prosperity.

Effects of this yoga include:

  • High affinity for spirituality
  • Wealth and public respect
  • Closely knit maternal relationship (depending on the state of the 4th huose)
  • Lucky and optimistic outlook on life.

The following conditions help the formation of Lakshmi yoga:
(1) The mutual association of lords of Lagna and the lord of the 9th house.
(2) When the lord of the 9th house occupies Kendra or Thrikona or is exalted and the lord of Lagna is disposed of powerfully.
(3) If the lord of the 9th house and Venus are in their own houses or exalted in Kendras or Thrikonas.

The degree of wealth will vary depending on the level l of strength or weakness of the planets that formed the Yoga.

Comments and other details
It is believed that one can have this yoga in his horoscope if in a past life he did Lakshmi Pooja in the house every Friday, and served Sumangalis.