Mahabhagya Yoga

Mahabhagya Yoga, unlike many other yogas, takes into cognizance the birth time of the native, and their genders too. For males, if they are born during the day, then the Sun, the Moon, and the Lagna should be in odd signs. For females who are born at night, the Sun, the Moon, and Lagna must be in even signs.

People who are born with this yoga in their horoscope receive various benefic results, some are general, while some are gender-specific. Here are some of the benefits of Mahabhagya Yoga:

  • A male born under this Yoga will have good character, be a source of pleasure to others.
  • Natives will be liberal, and famous.
  • Female natives will have long-living children, they will also be wealthy and of good conduct.


  • Sun, Moon, and Ascendant are benefic or malefic in the birth chart.
  • If 2 planets are benefic while the Ascendant is malefic, then natives will get mixed results.

Comments and other details
means luck or good fortune and this meaning follows through whether the native is male or female. The Lagna the Sun and the Moon rule the body, the soul, and the mind respectively and when these three elements are in odd or masculine signs, the male native will be an ideal man. It is also widely believed that one can get this yoga in his horoscope if he has done a lot of good acts in his previous life, hence he can enjoy the comforts and luxuries from this yoga in the present life.