Makuta Yoga

Makuta Yoga is formed when Jupiter is in the 9th from the 9th lord, a benefic is in the 9th from Jupiter, and Saturn is in the 10th.
This yoga is considered to bring out the brutal nature in its natives as it is found in sportspeople and those involved in forest conservation and petty crime lords.


Natives of this yoga will be successful sportsmen and excellent hunters, heads of forest tribes, powerful, and perceived as evil-minded.

As unruly as it may sound, this yoga needs some conditions satisfied before it will be formed, they are:

  • Jupiter must be located in 9th house counted from 9th house lord.
  • A benefic must be in 9th house counted from Jupiter.
  • Saturn must be in 10th house.

Comment and details
This yoga was found in about seven out of every ten horoscopes of certain kinds of people. Men who live and lead in the forest; like forest conservation officers, or leaders of forest tribes. And gang leaders, and members of organizations involved in petty (small) crimes.

This yoga helps them stay in control of such cruel gangs. Which makes Saturn an essential part of this yoga, ruling the actions in the 10th house.