Malavya Yoga

Malavya Yoga is a Raja yoga just like Hamsa yoga. It arises when Venus occupies a quadrant which should be his own or exaltation sign. Since this yoga is solely based on Venus, one can clearly observe its high effects on the natives; Luxury and affinity for the finest things of life, with an opposite low sense of spirituality.

Some benefits or effects of this yoga are:

  • A strong well-developed physique and resolute mind.
  • Wealth and happiness, especially from marital life (children and wife).
  • High level of education.
  • Successful partnerships in business.

Malavya yoga will arise if:
1) Venus occupies a quadrant that should be his own.
2) Venus is exalted in a Kendra or occupies a Kendra which should be his own house.

If Mars or any other malefic planets aspects Venus, it can mar the effects of this yoga, and instead, bring negative effects, which will largely depend on the nature of the malefic planet that is involved.
2) If the native has maltreated his wife in the past life, then the good effects of this yoga will be canceled in his life.

Comments and other details
Other effects of this yoga are: The native will be a lover of pleasure and be largely materialistic in nature, which is unsurprising for a yoga that is largely based on Venus.

It is believed that another way to get this yoga in your horoscope is for the native to have taken good care of his wife in the past life. And if one maltreats his wife, then this yoga can be canceled as well.