Matsya Yoga

Matsya Yoga arises when Ascendant and 9th are joined by malefics, also when the 5th by both malefics and benefics, and the 4th and 8th by malefics. This benefic yoga is peculiar because the conditions necessary for its formation seem to be similar to those of malefics. And because of these unlikely combinations, it is one of the rarest.


  • Natives of this yoga will be loving people with strong character.
  • They will also be famous and well-read.
  • They are often religious people too.

For Matsya Yoga to occur there are three conditions that need to be met.

  • Lagna and 9th house should have malefic planets
  • 5 house should have both malefics and benefic planets
  • 4th house and 8th house should also have malefic placements.

Unlike in some other yogas, this yoga requires malefics to be strong placed in Ascendant house or 9th house in order to give good results.
This yoga is likely to give bad results in childhood and old age, although there is little data to support that.

Comment and details

In Sanskrit, Matsya is literally translated as “fish” and this Yoga is supposed to be favorable in its disposition.
The 5th house which is part of the combinations for the formation of Matsya yoga is the house of “previous life good deeds”. Which is known as “Purva Punya” in Sanskrit.

What this means is that a benefic placed in the 5th house could bring happiness and wealth based on good deeds done in a previous life by natives.