Mridanga Yoga

Mridanga Yoga is one of the yogas whose formation is considered by some to be complex. It arises when an exalted planet occupies the lord of the Navamsa who is posited in a trine or quadrant that is identical with the friendly or exalted sign, additionally, and the lord of Lagna should be powerfully disposed. These conditions are rare to come by, but they pay off in the results that this yoga brings:

Mridanga is a musical instrument and is similar to the modern-day drum, and much like music, Natives of the Mridanga yoga are known to be attractive and highly respected, even by rulers, their influence surpasses most and it comes with fame.

For Mridanga Yoga to occur in a horoscope there should be three conditions that need to be met. They are:

  • The navamsa lord must be exalted in the main chart and be located in a Kendra or thrikona.
  • The navamsa lord should be in own sign or friendly sign in the navamsa chart as well.
  • The Lord of Lagna or ascendant lord should be in a strong condition

If any of the conditions mentioned above are not satisfied, then this yoga cannot be formed.

Comment and other details
Since Mridanga Yoga deals with both the navamsa as well as Lagna Lord. Much of the effects that are enjoyed by natives stem from that. Lagna lord rules over the health, character, and mental well-being of the concerned native. So with a strong Lagna lord and navamsa chart, natives are sure to be liked by others with their perceptive thinking and clarity in thoughts and speech.