Obhayachari (Ubhayachari) Yoga

Obhayachari yoga which is sometimes spelt as ‘Ubhayachari‘ is a benefic yoga that arises when planets other than the Moon are present on either side of the Sun. These planets can be said to aspect the sun, and their qualities shine through to produce benefic effects in the lives of its natives.

Here are some of the benefits of this yoga:

  • The natives will be eloquent speakers.
  • They will have well-proportioned limbs.
  • Natives of this yoga are generally delightful people who are also easily likeable.
  • Wealth and fame also come with this yoga, especially from investments.
  • Strength and stamina to fulfil all their commitments.
  • Natives will be charitable.


  • There must be a planet on either side of the sun (aspecting the sun) for this yoga to arise.
  • The moon must not be present on either side of the sun.
  • Natives of this yoga are advised to take care of their parents, especially in difficult times, in order to avoid spoiling their good yoga.

The placement of the sun in a particular house will determine to a great extent the results of this yoga.
The particular planets that are beside the sun will also strongly influence the effects of this yoga.

Comments and other details
Obhayachari yoga helps in the development of the ‘ego’ of its natives. Like other yogas, this yoga also cannot be adequately predicted or read without proper analysis of the entire horoscope of the individual. When this is understood, then one can tell whether this yoga will arise with stronger or weaker consequences in the life of a person.

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