Parijatha Yoga

Parijatha yoga is a strong yoga that is considered to be on the same level as a powerful Raja yoga, It is also called the “wish-fulfilling yoga” by some. This yoga arises when the dispsitor of the lord of the ascendant and dispostor of the Navmasa lord both are in exaltation either in quadrants or in trines.

Natives of this yoga will enjoy the following effects:

  • Happiness in the middle and last parts of their lives.
  • Wealth and generousity
  • Love for family traditions
  • Affinity for war

The house where the ascendant lord is found, the lord of the ascendant lord’s house, the dispositor of the lord of ascendant lord’s house, and the navamsa dispositor must be in a kendra or thrikona, or in an exaltation house.

Comment and other details
When Parijatha yoga is interspersed with Parivraja Yoga or the latter Yoga is also present in addition to Parijatha, the native gains large religious influence, and respect from highly placed people.