Pushkala Yoga

Pushkala Yoga is a somewhat complicated yoga because of the process by which it is formed. For this yoga to arise, the lord of Lagna must be with the Moon. Lord of the sign occupied by the Moon must be in a very friendly sign or in Kendra aspecting the Lagna, and the Lagna should have a strongly disposed planet.

With all these players involved, it is important to note, however, that for the yoga to be effective, they must all be powerful. i.e Lagna, the lord of Lagna, the Moon, and the lord of Chandra Lagna should all be powerful.

A seemingly simpler way of putting it is to say that; When Moon is aspecting Lagna lord and is in trine in benefic form, then pushkala yoga is formed.

The natives of this yoga draw from the characteristics of the moon and get results tailored in that line:

  • Natives are Mentally stable and peaceful.
  • The females have a high maternal instinct, and the males have a close relationship with their mothers.
  • They prosper, especially through business.

Ascendant lord (ruling planet of 1st house) and Moon must be in the same sign.
The ruling planet of the sign where Moon is located should be in a friendly sign or quadrant and should aspect the ascendant.
The ascendant should have a very strong planet.

The combination required for the forming of this yoga is a rare occurrence, exceptions are not known.

Comments and other details
Some believe that another way to get this yoga in your horoscope is to have offered flowers and services in the Vishnu Temple in a past life. An additional result of this yoga is the sweet-tongued nature of its natives.