Raja Lakshana Yoga

Raja Lakshana Yoga – When Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Moon are present in Kendra houses – 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house, then Raja Lakshana Yoga is formed. However, these planets have to be in benefic form. 

This yoga is very important because of the houses involved in its formation. These houses are the pillars of a person’s horoscope and when this yoga is in full effect, then the native will have a king-like status in life, with luck shining on him always.


  • When only one condition is met, this yoga will not produce good results, there have to be at least 3 benefic planets for it to work.
  • As with some other yogas, you must take into account the horoscope and the running times to better predict the result of this yoga. For instance, when Mahadashas (planetary periods) of malefic planets are in effect; the benefic effects of Raj Lakshana Yoga may be less.


  • If a stronger malefic planet aspects Kendra houses or the planets, then this yoga becomes weaker and will produce feeble benefic results.
  • A weak moon or badly associated Mercury will mar the good appearance of the native.
  • Two or more malefic planets will hinder this yoga from being formed. 

Comments and other details

Asides the effect of the houses, the planets that make up this yoga also have their peculiar gifts that they shower on the native: 

  • Venus stands for material happiness.
  • Moon stands for mother, mental stability, royalty.
  • Mercury stands for mental intellect and ability to make decisions in intense situations.

Hence, this yoga is not to be overlooked. 

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