Ruchaka Yoga

Ruchaka yoga is formed when Mars is in Kendra in its own Scorpio and in exalted Capricorn or Aries. Naturally, natives will exhibit the characteristics of the main planet of the yoga. In this case, being Mars, natives will be highly courageous and ambitious, usually leaders in the army.

Other benefits of this yoga are as follows:

  • Natives will have good health and they will be health-conscious as well.
  • They will be attractive.
  • Natives will also be charitable, wealthy, long-lived, and leaders.


  • Mars must be in Kendra.
  • Mars must not be afflicted by other planets that render it powerless.


  • If Saturn aspects then this yoga is canceled, but rendering brotherly help will cause Saturn to give benefic results.

Comments and other details
It is also widely believed that if one has been of help to his brother in the past life, then he will naturally have this yoga in his horoscope. However, you can have the adverse side of this horoscope if you have been cruel to your brother in the past life, but this can be remedied by treating people in a brotherly fashion.