Sakata yoga

Sakata yoga is another malefic yoga with bad effects, it is formed when the moon is in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house from Jupiter. Its effects are quite a lot, and all of them are bad.

Every time the Moon transits the 6th, 8th, and l2th from the radical Jupiter, the effects of Sakata yoga are realized.
2) The Sakata Yoga is generated by the Moon occupying the three Dusthanas from the greatest benefic Jupiter, thus they are obstructing the free flow of fortune.

The effects of this yoga are as follows:
Native will lose their fortune, but they will regain it.
2) He will lead an ordinary life owing to loss of wealth
3) He will suffer from poverty, misery as the Moon the planet of luxury, Jupiter the planet of abundance are both misplaced
4) He is stubborn and will not have any friends owing to the bad moon position that rules his attitude
5) Enemies will hate him to the core.

If Moon or Jupiter occupies a Kendra to this Yoga, then Yoga Bhanga occurs.
2) Spending money for charity can be a remedy.
3) Fasting every Monday or Thursday and praying to Gauri (Guru) and Shiva (Moon) can also be a remedy.

Comments and other details
It is also believed that this yoga arises when one has become wealthy by cheating others in the past, so they lose all their wealth slowly and regain it back, albeit, also slowly.