Sankha Yoga

Sankha Yoga (sometimes called “Shankha” yoga) is one of the Raja yogas and it arises when lords of the fifth house and sixth house are in quadrants from each other, and if the lord of Lagna is powerful. The natives of this yoga are unique just as the yoga itself is rare and unique, in that, they are not as materialistic as the natives of other raja yogas.


  • Natives are fond of pleasures
  • Marital bliss
  • Natives are fair and have a humanitarian heart
  • They are also great scientists and live long life.
  • Sometimes this yoga can be malefic if aspected or formed with a malefic planet.


  • The lords of the 5th and 6th should be in mutual Kendras or quadrants
  • The lord of Lagna must be powerful.


The involvement of the lord of the 6th house may present a malefic result in this yoga, bringing debts, ailments, and detractors to natives of this yoga. Those of the Virgo sign will not get this yoga in their horoscope.

Comment and other details
The strength of any yoga lies in the planets and the houses that form it, so it follows that if the planets that ake up Sankha yoga are weak, or the lords and houses are not strong enough, then the results that ought to be experienced will be greatly minimized.