Siva Yoga

Siva yoga is a benefic yoga that is formed when the 5th house lord is in the 9th house, the 9th house lord is in the 10th house and the 10th house lord is in the 5th house. This is a simple combination that blesses its natives with great philosophical, military, and trade power.

Natives of Siva yoga will enjoy the following results:

  • They will be virtuous and spiritually wise
  • They will be wealthy merchants
  • Natives will also be conquerors and seasoned army commanders

The following are the rules that govern the formation of Siva yoga:

  • 5th house lord should be in the 9th house
  • 9th house lord should be in the 10th house
  • 10th house lord should be in the 5th house

The effects of this yoga may be altered depending on the state of the house lords, on whether they are benefic or malefic in nature.

Comment and details
Siva yoga is considered an auspicious yoga by many, and the mutual relationship between the lords of the 9th, 5th, and 10th houses in a person’s horoscope will determine how strong this yoga will be, and how much of the benefits of Siva yoga the native will enjoy.