Sunapha yoga

Sunapha yoga is an important yoga since it is formed by the moon. This yoga arises when the second house from the moon is occupied by any other planet apart from the sun, and the 12th house is empty.

Unlike the Gaja Kesari yoga, the Sunapha yoga doesn’t rely on just two planets, hence its effect depends on the two planets that combine to make it up.

Like any other astrological practice, it has rules, and we will outline those rules below.


Here are the rules that will ensure the best results from practising Sunapha yoga:

  • The condition of the second house lord and the planet placed in the second house must be strong.
  • The second house must be benefic.

For this yoga to produce the desired results like wealth, an optimistic mind, and a softer tone, these rules must be followed. In an event when these rules are flouted and the second house lord is malefic, then the results will be bad.


The sun is strong but it is excluded from this yoga because if the moon were to be that close to the sun, then it would be weakened by the sun and this yoga cannot arise with a weak moon.

Also, Rahu and Ketu are excluded since they are shadow planets and do not rule over any zodiac.

Comment and other details

People with this yoga have a lot of wealth and royal status, their religious inclination and sense of purpose in life are high, and they have a quiet nature. They are also known for their high educational qualifications. There are 31 varieties of Sunapha yoga.

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