Thrilochana Yoga

Thrilochana yoga is a favorable yoga that arises when the Sun, the Moon, and Mars are in trines from each other. This makes for a life that is void of opposition and highly favorable.

Natives of Thrilochana yoga will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Great wealth
  • Their enemies will fear them
  • High level of intelligence and foresight
  • Long life
  • A smooth career with little or no competition.

The Sun, the Moon, and Mars should be in trines (Konas) from each other.

Comment and Details
The combination that forms this yoga is so powerful that even if this yoga does not form, the horoscope of the person is already powerfully benefic, simply because of the planets being in mutual trines. Natives of this yoga usually have insight into the unseen realm, they have what you call the 6th sense. Coupled with the ease that the combination of planets affords them, they have a great command over life.