Vanchana Chora Bheeti Yoga

Vanchana Chora Bheeti Yoga is a malefic yoga, its effect makes the native a very paranoid person, suspecting everybody around them of betrayal and other evil actions. Because of the planets involved in the formation of this yoga (Rahu, Kethu, Saturn), natives of this yoga are prone to having fickle minds.


1) This yoga arises when malefic planets occupy Lagna and gulika is in the trine position (1,5,9). The malefic planets include Mars, Sun, Saturn, Rahu, Kethu, weak Moon, and mercury which is tainted when combined with Sun).

2) Vanchaha Chora Beeti yoga also arises when malefics occupy Lagna and gulika is associated with lords of a trine (1,5,9) and Kendra (1,4,7,10).

3) Vanchana Chora Beeti yoga is formed when Lagna lord is associated with Rahu, Kethu, Saturn (any one of these).

4) Asides from a suspicious and fickle mind, this yoga also causes huge material losses in the lives of its natives.

5) The combinations that form this Yoga are found in almost all horoscopes, so there is hardly anyone who will not experience the effects of this yoga.


Because of the presence of lagna in this yoga, its effects are stronger than many other yogas. However, a regular practice of pranayama has been known to quell the bad effects of the Vanchana Chora bheeti yoga

Comments and other details

Although the Vanchanaa Chora bheeti yoga largely refers to the victims of cheating and fraudulent activities, its effects and combination have been known to also extend to the perpetrators of the deeds. The widespread nature of this yoga makes it such that cheating others and being cheated is commonplace, and its power is such that when a person is cheated, they themselves may become cheaters, and the cycle continues.