Vasi Yoga

Vasi Yoga arises when there is a planet in the 12th house from Sun and there is no planet in the 2nd house. Although any planet can contribute to the forming of this yoga, the moon is not included.
Here again like in Vasi yoga, the results of this yoga results will depend on the placement of Sun and the condition of the 12th house from Sun. If Sun and 12th house from Sun are in good condition, then auspicious results will be optimal.

Below are the rules that guide the formation of Vasi Yoga:

1) Any planet in 12th house to sun will form this yoga
2) The planet in the 12th house should not be moon
3) There must be no planet in the 2nd house.

The effects of this yoga are as follows:
1) Much profit, especially from real estate.
2) Close and affectionate maternal relationship.
3) Soft-spoken but firm in decision-making when the situation arises.
4) Highly detailed and skilled in communication.
5) Happiness and favor among the societal giants.

If malefic planets are found in the 12th house from Sun, the auspicious results can be altered.

Comments and other details
You can see in the formation of this yoga that the houses that are involved in its formation are similar to that of the Vesi yoga. And although they are different in the placement, their similarity extends to the fact that the presence of the planets in the 12th and 2nd houses matter, in that, benefic planets will yield better results than malefic planets.

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