Vesi Yoga

Vesi Yoga is a good yoga with auspicious results that make a person’s life full and rich. It does not include wealth, but the results of this yoga show that there are things other than wealth that can enrich a person.
This yoga arises when any planet other than Moon is in the 2nd house from Sun and there is no planet in the 12th house from Sun.

Here are the rules that guide the formation of this yoga:

1) There must be a planet in the 2nd house from Sun.
2) The planet does not include Moon.
3) There must be no planet in the 12th house from Sun.

A native with Vesi yoga in his horoscope will have the following effects :
1) Luck and support from friends
2) Promotion at work
3) Virtue and fame with the opportunity to help others

One thing to note is that even when natives may not have wealth, they will help out in their own little way, and that will produce karma that will boost the other results of this yoga in their lives.


1) The effects of this yoga can be affected by the presence of a malefic planet in the 2nd house from the sun. Benefic planets will give better and stronger results than malefic planets.
2) Also, when Venus is in Taurus, despite the fact that both the Sun and Venus are natural enemies the Yoga becomes supremely powerful because of their strength, and almost all the good results attributed to it would find full play

Comments and other details
The results of Vesi Yoga will depend on the placement of Sun and the condition of the 2nd house from Sun. This means that if Sun and 2nd house from Sun are in good condition, then the results from this yoga will be felt at full capacity. However, as noted in the exception, when there is a malefic planet present in the 2nd house from Sun, the results will be affected adversely.

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