Vidyut Yoga

Vidyut yoga is a benefic yoga that arises when the 11th lord is highly exalted, and joins Venus in a Kendra from the lord of Lagna. In this yoga the two primary houses and planets involved in the formation of the yoga are of benefic nature, so the natives of this yoga will enjoy benefic results all round, provided the conditions for the yoga being formed are satisfied.

The natives of this yoga will enjoy the following results:

  • They will have a king-like status (or be kings)
  • They will have great wealth
  • They will be generous
  • Pleasure-loving


  • 11th house lord should be exalted
  • The exalted 11th house lord should be in a kendra from the lord of Lagna (Ascendant)

As pleasant as the results of this yoga are, they can be marred if either venus of the 11th house is aspected by a stronger planet with a malefic nature.

Comment and details
Venus is the planet of pleasure and comforts, whereas the lord of the 11th governs gains. What you get when the house of gains and lord of comforts and luxuries are strong and they come together is a life that exhibits their properties greatly. It is even believed that the strength f the two lords ina person’s horoscope determines if the person will be a king, or of equal status with one, either ways, it is a win.