Vishnu Yoga

Vishnu yoga is an auspicious yoga that forms when the 9th and 10th house lords come together in the birth chart, and the navamsa lord of the 9th house is posited in the 2nd house. another way of saying it is; when the 9th house and 10th house lords, as well as the lord of the Navamsa sign of the lord of the 9th house, occupy the 2nd house, then Vishnu yoga will be formed.

Natives of Vishnu yoga will enjoy the following results:

  • Natives will live an enjoyable life full of good luck
  • They will be wealthy and strong
  • well-versed and witty in conversations
  • Spiritually faithful (Vishnu worshipper,
  • Recognized by royalty
  • Will live a long and healthy life.


  • 9th and 10th house lords are associated
  • navamsa lord of 9th house should be posited in 2nd house

If the navamsa lord is not strong enough, this yoga could have some reduced potency, because he is the main lord that determines its results, but in full capacity, this lord will ensure that the native will enjoy the benefic results throughout their lives without any impediments.

Comment and details
When the 9th and 10th lords come together, that constitutes a powerful Raja Yoga. And the fact that the 2nd house is also involved, as well as the navamsa lord, makes it a powerful Dhana Yoga also, this means that in Vishnu yoga, there is a blending of Raja and Dhana Yogas. This combination implies that the 2nd house must be occupied by at least three planets, and this requirement is what makes this yoga very rare.

Furthermore, here is how the houses influence the natives of yoga:

  • 2nd house governs money gains through investments
  • 9th house stands for luck
  • 10th house rules professional activities.