Mercury – Meaning, Significations, Transits and Progressions

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Significations of Mercury: Communication, perception, logic and reasoning, adaptable, calculations, telecommunications, letters or emails, tour and transportation, currencies and exchange, birds, friends and flirting, recipes and formulae, problem-solver, books, scripts, hand-held tools including pencils, brushes and even smartphones, horses, infantry, bad dreams. Some other significations are daughter, very young girls, infants, toddlers, primary schoolers, tainted reputation.

Mundane Astrology Significations

Youth, prince, trade and commerce, stocks

Diseases indicated by Mercury

Hormonal imbalance is indicated by Mercury — skin problems, itching and scratches, impotency, vertigo and ENT diseases.

Education and Professions indicated by Mercury

Professions that require communication and calculations — Journalism, Writers, Marketing, Sales, Linguist, Translator, PR, Accountancy, Trading, Advertising, Analyst, Messenger, Tour guide or operator, driver, pilot, ecommerce and software professionals, teller and brokers, ticket checker, pharmacist, craftsman, stand-up comedian, examiner, orator,

Commodities indicated by Mercury – Copper, Intellectual properties, stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, egg plant and okra

Mercury Mantra –

Lord Ganesha gayatri mantra for Mercury
एकदंताय विद्महे, वक्रतुण्डाय धीमहि, तन्नो दंती प्रचोदयात्।। Om ekadantaya vidmahe vakratundaya dhimahi | tanno danti prachodayaat ||
Tantrik Mantra for Saturn
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