Diamond – Uses, Benefits & Who Should Wear

You’ve often heard that a diamond is a girl’s best friend, and this has been proven by the very many commercials we’ve seen for many years. However this gemstone, which is the strongest natural material, is the symbol of purity and beauty.

This gemstone is governed by the planet Venus and linked to the zodiac sign Taurus.

The most important attribute of the diamond is its clearness and colourless nature, even though it is available in various colours.

Uses of diamonds 

Diamonds are some of the most versatile gemstones with various uses apart from serving as jewellery. As the strongest natural materials they are used for wear-resistant parts of heavy machinery and used also to drill through many materials, including themselves. Diamonds are also used for speaker domes, diamond windows, and as low-friction micro bearings

Benefits of diamonds

Just like its strength, diamonds help the wearer to take bold steps in life, and just like its popularity, it gives fame.. They are also known to enable nobility of character, peace, wisdom, and vision.

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but when it comes to assisting the wearer sexually, it knows no bounds. This largely popular gemstone helps in dispersing evil thoughts in a person and helps to reduce overthinking, anxiety and a bad temper.

How to select diamonds 

Because it is highly popular, the diamond has more imitations than many other gemstones, however, you can still find out if the diamond you are about to buy is genuine or fake.

This is important because the quality of the gemstone will give the opposite effect of what you desire if you select the wrong one.

In astrology heat-treated gems and pure gems are effective, so you can use either one. But when considering the weight, the Minimum effective Diamond weight for an Astrological effective Diamond is 57.5 grams or 0.23 carats (please note that while carats is used to denote purity in gold, for diamonds it denotes weight).

Although there are different colours of diamonds, the colourless ones are the best and most effective for astrological uses, their prices are determined by weight and by the cut. And if you are not born in April, or you are not of the planet Venus, or even if you are of both, but you desire benefits different from what diamonds provide, then DO NOT buy a diamond, you may need another gemstone, so get in touch with an expert astrologer to know what stone is best for you. 

How to wear diamonds 

It is very easy to overlook the astrological side of an object when it is as ubiquitous as the diamond, but you have to know that wearing a diamond as an ornament and wearing it as an astrological gemstone are two different things. As an astrological gemstone it must be energised by an expert astrologer. This exercise will maximise its effect.

The gemstone must be spotless as an astrological gemstone. Any spots on it would render it useless for the purpose that you intended. Furthermore, the best day to wear the diamond gemstone is early morning on Friday.

You can embed the gemstone in a gold or silver ring or pendant, and if you are wearing it as a ring, then your last or middle finger is the best position.

As earlier said, the gemstone has to be energised by an expert astrologer before wearing. He may instruct you to dip the gemstone in fresh milk, honey and pure water for 20 to 30 min, and to burn incense sticks and seek the blessing of Shukra Deva. You will also get a mantra to chant. All this will help the effectiveness of the diamond when you finally wear it.