Red Coral – Uses, Benefits & Who Should Wear

Red coral is also known as precious coral, and they are naturally occurring gemstones with the most shiny ones found in Sri Lanka. 

These gemstones are usually Red hence the name, and the lighter tinted ones are of the best quality. They are not really strong as they come in at 3.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral strength. Whether in their raw state of matte, or glossy polished shine, they are beautiful and useful. 


It is worn to boost the energy of Mars in the horoscope and many people also use it to cure diseases like kidney stones and gallbladder. But beyond that, red corals are used for decorative purposes, and have been used for jewellery in ancient Egyptian and prehistoric European burials. 

Benefits of Red Coral 

Rrdcoral is known to help young women get married quickly, but it has other benefits such as enabling advancement in leadership roles by removing obstacles and boosting self confidence in the individual, healing from skin diseases, debt repayment, preservation of life for husbands, and protection from black magic. Red coral gemstone also helps to keep your temper in check, and preserves the mental health of the wearer.

How to select Red Coral 

Like every other gemstone it is extremely important to buy Red coral from a verified source in order to be sure of its quality and potency. It is advisable not to buy Red coral online so that you can see for yourself and determine if the quality is original or fake. And when it comes to Red coral, you should know that the lighter coloured ones are more preferable than the darker ones because they hold more power. Also, when you hold the gemstone in your hand, if it increases in temperature, then it is of low quality, do not buy it.

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Like some other gemstones, scratches on a Red coral gemstone are a sign of poor quality and low astrological potency. But even more than the physical imperfections, you may need a gemologist to check the Red coral under a magnifying glass just in case there are bubbles or marks inside it, because that would mean that you cannot use the Red coral at all. You have to beware of fake Red corals because a large number of those found in the market are in fact white bamboo corals that have been dyed.

How to wear Red Coral 

Red Coral can be worn by Aries and Scorpios, generally those who have planet Mars in amiable houses in their birth chart.

You will get the best results when you embed this gemstone in a copper or gold ring, this is the best combination for rings astrologically speaking. However, Red corals can also be worn as a necklace. But whether worn as a ring or a necklace, the most important thing is that the Red coral touches the skin of the wearer. And the Red coral should be 6 carats at least if you want to get the best performance.

Also, Tuesday morning around sunrise is the best time and day for wearing a Red coral, but all this will not be useful if the proper practice is not done before wearing the gemstone. You must recite the “Om Mangalay Namah” mantra for 108 times, you must dip it in cow milk or fresh water at least 10 minutes before you wear it, (although you can dip it overnight), and even more importantly, you must wear the ring or the necklace with a heart of reverence, this way you will enjoy the transformational power that it carries.