Yellow Sapphire – Uses, Benefits & Who Should Wear

Just like its name, the Yellow Sapphire is a light yellow jewel also known as Pukhraj. It is an expensive gemstone that denotes justice, mercy, and truthfulness of the users. It is of the Corundum mineral family and its strength is second only to the diamond “the hardest natural substance”, as it ranks 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness.


Because of its hardness, Yellow Sapphires are used in industrial applications such as components for watch crystals and movement bearings, scientific instruments, high-durability windows, and insulating substrates in special purpose solid state electronics. Yellow Sapphire is a good stone for businesswomen and female entrepreneurs who wish to succeed without compromising integrity. It is an ideal tool for anyone needing assistance in grounding their ideas into reality and who requires extra energy to bring things through to completion. It is worn to get blessings from Jupiter.

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire 

This gemstone packs a lot of benefits for its owners, one of which is bringing the wisdom of prosperity. Yellow Sapphire not only attracts wealth and financial abundance into one’s life, It also encourages the exploration of moving in new directions, bringing excitement and joyful expectation about the possibilities in life. The powers of Yellow Sapphire allow the release of mental tension and unwanted thoughts. It brings lightness and joy as it restores balance within the body.

How to select Yellow Sapphire 

Subtle differences in color can make great variations in valuations of fine gemstones.

When selecting a Yellow Sapphire gemstone, make sure to pick quality over the price. The pure benefits of the Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Ring can only be experienced if the stone is of pure quality, with no heat or treatment. Beware of those of lesser quality because unnatural gemstones are usually available at cheap rates. Invest in quality and make a sensible decision.

Yellow Sapphire should be lemon-like in color and it should feel considerably heavy when held in your palm. Since glass is not as hard as sapphire, it is cut much more easily, on the other hand, yellow sapphires are quite difficult to cut, and they have more complex cuts that are sharp and crisp. Ceylon sapphires are considered as the world’s best yellow sapphire gemstones for astrology use. Sapphires can have several interior inclusions, but the sapphire should be completely clear to the naked eyes with very small inclusions that are visible only under a jeweler’s loupe. Most fake sapphires are made from yellow glass which may look similar to yellow sapphire at a glance, but the two are drastically different when compared with one another. 

How to wear Yellow Sapphire 

Yellow Sapphires are used in industrial applications such as components for watch crystals and movement bearings. Place Yellow Sapphire in the home or in cash boxes to attract wealth and to increase earnings. When you purchase a Pukhraj stone ring/Yellow Sapphire Ring, always make sure that the stone has direct contact with your skin and it touches the skin. This will help you in experiencing the astrological benefits from the Yellow Sapphire Gemstone.

If worn or carried it assists manifesting any vision one wishes to realize.

The best metals to embed the stone in are gold or silver, and you should wear the ring on the index/first finger of the right hand, that is the best position to wear it.  The weight of the stone should be ideal and preferably two carats or more. The more the weight of the stone, the more the power and effect it will have. Yellow sapphire can be worn in the first hour after dawn on Thursday after a puja in a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. You can also wear it at home at the designated hour. Wear this stone and you are guaranteed a bundle of joy.