4~Emma: It Begins

3~Emma: On Her Own

Emma had Miss Cleo on her mind stronger than ever.  The more time went by the stronger her curiosity was for the woman.  She had to find out more about her.  Was this the real deal?  Was Miss Cleo a true psychic?  Emma had goose bumps just thinking about it.

Female InsominacShe tossed and turned and no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t sleep.  All of the experience she had in going to psychics she never experienced anything like she had with Miss Cleo.  She got thinking about the tall thin man and what he said about the woman being dead for centuries.  Emma got up out of bed and opened her lap top.

She googled everything she could about Miss Cleo but nothing surfaced.  She remembered what the man told her. She had been dead for years.  So Emma typed….’1900s psychics New York City’.  She went through several pages but found nothing pertaining to what she was looking for.  She tried 1800’s psychics then 1700s, but still nothing.

She remembered what Miss Cleo told her about keeping her eyes open for signs.  “Strength, submission, passion and love.  You will find strength on your way to what you seek.  Submission in the man who captures your soul, passion in all things because you want them and love will be deep within.”

She googled ‘Miss Cleo strength submission passion love’.  The only link pertaining to her search was in a foreign language.  She clicked the link and four symbols popped up.  Under each symbol she saw ‘Iśka… Junūna… Śakti… Prastuta’.

5be11e10a576b1af22e2a4c1a50e7734“Love, passion, strength and submission.” Emma smiled.  She saved the site on her phone and closed her lap top.

“Hello.  My name is Emma Manasti.  I used to visit you in your office when I went to college there….”

“Yes.  I remember you.”  Emma could sense Sophia was smiling. “I adored your passion for the psychic craft.   How are you getting along dear?”

“I’m doing well.  New York is wonderful.  There is so much culture and so many beautiful people.”

“A beautiful city indeed.”

“The reason for my call is about Miss Cleo.”

“Ah, yes.  Did you find her ok?”

“I did…the first time.  But it seems as though, well, I can’t really explain it.  I didn’t pay her, so when I went back, but she wasn’t there.”

“She moves around quite often.  Never likes to stay in one place for very long.”

“Sophia?  The entire place changed.  It was filled with boxes and junk that had been there for years.  All dusty and dirty.  How could it have been so beautiful one day then….”  Emma heard herself talking and sounded mad.  She thought Sophia would have her committed if she continued talking the way she was.

“Emma, my dear.  Never question the abilities of the psychic world.”

She thanked Sophia for her time and decided, for now, to leave it alone.  If Miss Cleo wanted to be known, Emma knew she would make it so.  She snuggled back into her bed and slept until her alarm woke her up a few hours later.

The museum was busy that day and Emma’s morning flew by.  A delivery arrived with some new art and Emma was looking forward to placing them on display within the museum.  One piece caught her eye. It was an abstract painting full of color.  Emma looked at it with a familiar sentiment.  It made her feel, warm and serene.  She knew just where to place it.

“There is a naked wall deep inside the museum with a warm coco brown finish and illuminating light. It would be a perfect home for this piece.”

Emma stood staring at the painting after it was hung.  There was so much going on within the frame.  Her mind knew there was something about it as if it were on the tip of her tongue yet she couldn’t tell what it was.  Then she gasped.  Pulling her phone out, she went to the link she found earlier at home.  The symbols from the website were the same ones in the painting.

“Wow, now that is a…coincidence.” She said it slowly as if trying to convince herself.  She didn’t know how long she stood there.  Hilana, the receptionist, finally broke her trance.

“Emma…earth to Emma.  You have a package.”  Emma blinked back to reality and put her phone away.

“Delivery?  Did they forget a piece?”

“No.  This is for you directly.” Emma looked confused as she looked at the package.

“There’s no name or return address.  Are you sure it is for me?”  She picked up the small package and read the label confirming delivery to Emma Manasti.  She opened it and became even more confused.  “Where did this come from?”

“I…don’t know.  Maybe it’s from your ex boyfriend.”

“I never told my family back home where I work.  Who delivered it?  Did you sign for it?”

“No….”  Hilana began getting defensive.  “A guy just came in and put it on my desk.  Didn’t say a word.”  Emma ran outside and looked up and down the street.  She rubbed her forehead trying to make sense of it.  Reaching into the black box she pulled out the gold pendant.

content“Whoa!”  Emma turned around and noticed Hilana standing directly behind her with wide eyes.  “Who could it be from?”  Hilana took the pendant from Emma’s hands and marveled over its beauty.  She didn’t realize how rude it was snatching it from her like that and with a half-hearted apology she gave it back.  “What is it?”

“It’s the Virgo sign.  My birth sign.”

“Really?? Well, someone knows you pretty well.”

“It’s not just this.  There have been odd signs lately but I can’t figure them out.”  Emma took the pendant and traced the gold lines that made up the symbol.  “I went to a psychic.  She told me I should look for signs…and that they’d lead me to where I needed to be.”

“A psychic?”  Hilana looked at her with a skeptic eye.  “Most of them are….”

“I know.  I know how it works, usually.  But this last one…I dunno there was something so authentic about her.  And after my visit with her, strange things have been happening.”

“Maybe they were always there and you just never noticed them until now.”

“No.  It’s more than that.” She looked at the pendant again.

“If you believe in that sort of thing, I’m sure you’ll get more clues when the time comes.”  Emma only half heard Hilana’s last comment. She was completely engrossed in her new secret, does she dare say, admirer?

The rest of the day she couldn’t help but wonder who sent her the pendant.  Would there be more?  What if this was it?  She could go mad staying in suspense if there was nothing more.

On her way home she decided to walk instead of taking the subway. She wanted to stop by the coffee shop, hoping she would run into the thin gangly guy.  Perhaps he would know something, but she stopped before entering with a new thought.  What if her secret admirer was him?? She peered through the glass and looked around.  Sure enough he was inside, sitting at a corner table alone reading.  She took a deep breath and went inside.  It will be better to confront him now and put an end to it before it got too far.

“Excuse me?”  The man looked up from his newspaper somewhat annoyed that she interrupted him.  When he realized it was her his annoyance grew deeper.

“What do YOU want?”  She put the pendant on the table in front of him and waited.  “Are you… giving this to me?”

“No.  I wondered if it looked familiar to you.”

“And why should it?”

“Someone sent it to me today…at the museum.  I figured you…well, you know I work there and you’re into astrology like I am so I….”  She felt her face get hot.  “I’m sorry, I’m just trying to figure this out.  Thank you.  I”m sorry I disturbed you.”  She turned to go.

“You have a secret admirer don’t you?”  Emma turned back around.  “Thought so.”  His quirky grin broadened.  “I shouldn’t help you, especially the way you treated me.”  Emma opened her mouth to protest but thought better of it there in public.

“Do you know anything about this?”

“No.  Sorry, but if you tell me everything I could help you figure it out.  I love this stuff.”  He rubbed his hands together as he became increasingly more eager.

“There isn’t much to tell.  I went to Miss Cleo and she told me to watch for signs.  Next thing I know there are signs everywhere, practically pushing me down.”

“Maybe you are just noticing them more now.”

“That’s what Hilana said.”  Emma began to wonder if that was the case.  She picked up her bag and thanked her newest colleague before leaving.

“Come back anytime!  I’m always here!”  Emma walked out the door thinking the man was a little too eager to help her. She shivered at the thought of becoming allies with him but didn’t completely throw out the idea.

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What to expect when she is expecting

After several insightful talks on Couple’s guide to fighting and disagreements, let’s take a leap ahead and touch upon the next level of relationship manual – kids! Yes, they are a part of your life. You may find it exciting, confusing or challenging – arrival of a new family member is indeed an overwhelming experience for both of you. Most experts talk about what it is to be a mother-to-be. But little is written about the dad. A man excited and puzzled over his role in supporting the other half in the crucial nine months. Pregnancy is much more than what movies and television tell us. Just a few visits to the doctor, romantic talks and shopping for the little one are only tip of the iceberg. There is a whole lot of drama, food cravings, tantrums, difficult moments and health issues to be addressed. It’s tough for the guy to adjust to the quick change considering the fact that nothing is visible to him. It’s only the woman who feels it inside her. It’s a situations perplexing and complex. “I completely had no idea of what she was expecting from me. She would be nice one moment and shout the next second”, expresses a young father.

Are you confused about how to handle the swinging and unexpected moods of your wife? Here’s a perfect guide for a perfect dad-to-be. It will not just help you survive the nine months but will prepare you for the adventurous roller coaster ride ahead.

It’s all hormones

What to expect when she is expectingA woman undergoes drastic changes right from the day of conception. There is a hormonal and biological evolution of her body. Her body is constantly producing hormones for the development of baby which affects her moods. Understand the fact that her bad mood is neither intentional nor permanent. She may feel dizzy, pukish or unwell most of the time. Do not make her feel uncomfortable. Pacify her worries and make her feel happy. Do not be agitated by her random mood swings and tantrums as she is under the powerful effect of bodily changes. Science confirms that a woman’s progesterone and estrogen levels triple when she is expecting. Get comfortable to these basic facts and you will be in a better position to handle the pregnancy of your partner.

Listen to her

What to expect when she is expectingYou may be thinking that it’s such a generic advice which is applicable for all women at all times. But wait! It’s an overwhelming state for a woman because a lot of action is going inside her. She has a lot more to express than what she normally does. She needs to be assured that you are there to listen to her all the time. Her anxiety could be about anything ranging from the child’s future to an upcoming doctor’s appointment. Pacify her concerns and comfort her. Create an atmosphere of open communication and talk over your thoughts.
Psychologist Tony Pearson remarks, “First time fathers are more nervous than the mothers. They are baffled about what is going inside the woman’s womb. In efforts to be overprotective, they often create a chaotic situation. It is necessary to counsel them”. Fathers to be need to be calm and patient. Even if you are too tired of being nice all the time, remind yourself that it’s just a matter of nine months and everything be just fine.

Be informed

What to expect when she is expectingRelationship experts emphasize that most problems during pregnancy occur due to lack of information. Either or both partners are not aware of the intricacies of each trimester and therefore end up making mistakes. In a recent study, over 67% of couples felt that they were less informed during their first baby. It’s advisable to research and go through some books on pregnancy. You may find valuable advice from close friends who have the experience of being a father. You will be in a better position to react to her worries and know what is supposed to be done.

Be with her

Block all dates which have doctor’s appointment. It’s important to be with her at this crucial moment. Furthermore, it will also help you to get additional information about the pregnancy. It’s a great moral and emotional support for the lady and she feels confident about it. Apart from appointment, you have to accompany her for evening walks, shopping and nearly all activities. It gives you time to talk, communicate and build mutual support. You also get a chance to protect her, lend her a helping hand and offer support. Offer your hand when she climbs the steps or have to get inside the car. Take her bag and show gestures of chivalry; it’s going to be a great experience for both of you.

Cook for her and help her

She cooks for you and does all the chores, but this is your chance to pay back. A woman is physically tired and need help all the time. She is also very sensitive to certain aromas and food smells. You may cook for her and help her in daily chores. Arrange her clothes, do the dishes or manage the laundry. You may do the things together and have fun too. As per a recent study, men who helped their expecting wives were considered as better husbands. Remember the fact that helping her now will contribute positively to your relationship and build long term happiness.

Pregnancy can be romantic

What to expect when she is expectingUnlike popular belief, pregnancy can be actually a very romantic phase of your life. You can indulge in nice talks and be with each other. Cuddle, hug and caress; do not create a physical distance. Indulge in candle light dinner, buy her gifts and take her out for walk. There is no limit to the amount of things you can do. It will make the woman feel emotionally better. Remember the fact that once the baby arrives, you will have very less time for both of you. So, it’s a great opportunity to indulge in romance.

Socialize with her

Most couples forget socializing once the lady has confirmed her pregnancy. It’s definitely not a great idea to limit her to the home. Whenever she is comfortable, take her out. Attend parties, visit friends and family. It gives you a chance to share your happiness. Besides, elders and experienced people can guide you to the right path. A woman feels nice talking to other people and discussing her concerns. Socialize as much as you can but be careful not to exhaust the expectant mother.

Plan a baby moon

Baby moon is a great idea for couples. Once first trimester is over, the woman starts feeling better and you can take a small pre-baby vacation. Make sure you take advice from the doctor and keep check on the health issues. This is a good way to unwind and be prepared for the upcoming delivery. As per a recent study, couples who went for a baby moon were happier and had lesser problems compared to those who didn’t. Explore the beautiful beaches or along the countryside, just travel to a new world and have fun.


The subject of sex is often ignored in the pregnancy manuals. It’s crucial to understand that a woman’s sex drive does not reduce during pregnancy. When she is expecting, she may feel more conscious about her body and looks; and you have to love her more. Usually, the second trimester is considered the safest for sex. Consult your medical practitioner about the safety measures you have to follow. You may enjoy caressing and making love instead of focusing on penetration alone. But ensure that you are gentle enough not to hurt the mother and the baby.

Get ready for the big day

It’s important you get ready for the big day in advance. Your hospital bag should be ready at least 3 weeks prior to the due date. As a new dad, it’s your responsibility to get all the things necessary for the new born and make the home ready to welcome the new life. This will make you a responsible and caring father in front of your spouse. She will value and appreciate your efforts. Enjoy the task of shopping, buying little clothes, crib and toys. Make each moment memorable and loving.

Husband’s support is extremely crucial for the nine months. You may be at sea about your role as a dad, but consider that the woman is even more confused. Comfort her, love her and show your tenderly side. This will make your nuptial bond stronger and better. It will help you come closer and connect at an emotional level. So, we wish you good luck on the way of becoming great father. Keep coming back for more relationship advice. We will give you in-depth knowledge about every facet of your love life.

Couple’s guide to Fights and disagreements

Last article was on All about Live-in Relationships,so today we pick a broader and common topic for love life. Be it marriage, dating or live-in, fights are there. Foul or fair, fighting is inevitable. Experts even call it the necessary evil in relationships. Couples fight irrespective of age and the span of relationship. No matter how much you love each other, you will argue, bicker and fight. Fights allow couples to interact at an altogether different mental level. “Perfect couples are those who are absolutely comfortable with fighting”, says a magazine columnist. Couples may fight over just anything. It could be money, resources, wet towel, toilet seat, make up, clothes, friends or any weird subject. Once infatuation fades away and you start discovering the realities of living together, disagreements are obvious.

If you pick some pearls of wisdom from successful couples, fighting is normal and manageable. Relationships are moving and progressive. You will face dynamic situations and will react as per change. So, nothing is static and permanent. Same is true for fights. Then why hold grudges for life? You need to move on, forgive and forget. Let’s take an insightful dig at the fights and disagreements between couples.

How fighting can be good for your relationship

What Women want in Bed  People in love tend to have disagreements as well. Since the other person is important, you take everything he says or does very seriously. Marc and Kathy had their first big blow up immediately after the engagement ceremony. “It was all about the wedding preparations. We had so many differences that every time we discussed something it would end in a fight”, laughs Kathy. Differences can be constructive and actually bring you together. The problem is that we consider fights as an opportunity to vent out anger. For some people it’s the special occasion to be abusive. Happy couples are not the ones who never pick up a fight but the ones who know how to resolve it. Relationship expert Joe Watson describes couples fight as different from rest of the world. He remarks, “Outside your home, it’s all about being right and wrong, winning and losing. But as partners the purpose of fight could be expression and emotion. Disagreements need not be as tormenting in love life.”
Fights actually help you establish an emotional equilibrium with your partner. In the heat moment, you might express thoughts which you otherwise don’t. It can have positive outcomes if you know the right tricks. Fights are psychological pressure relieving valves that can help you distress and invigorate. Do not focus on winning the fight; focus on understanding the root issue. You definitely will have insightful discoveries after the end of each fight.

Digging the Past

Arguments should not be history classes wherein you start ruminating past happenings. It’s the most impractical, futile and painful way of managing the relationship. If you start digging old trash, only foul smell will fill your life. Whenever you have a discord, stay in the present. As per experts, couples who move on stay together longer and happier. You may come across people beginning a fight about the financial statements and conclude at the dirty dishes in the kitchen. Hilarious? It’s the most common mistake we all make. We might laugh at others but we too indulge in stupidity once in a while. The word of wisdom is that you do not bring in old stories and look towards future.

Abuse and scorn

Needless to add, anything nasty and scornful will definitely spoil your relationship. There are a million things you want to yell out at your spouse but that will help nobody. If you cannot control your tongue, better evade the moment. Everlasting matrimony and bonhomie demands respect from both sides. There is nothing more punishing and exhausting than living with an abusive partner. Harsh language, physical abuse and violent behavior will only have devastating effect on both of you. As per a recent survey, most marriages break on grounds of abusive behavior by the other partner. “I hated when he shouted on me. He would use all profanities and I felt my self esteem was hurt. I walked out of his life”, says Joan. So, if you are one of those shouting, yelling and abusive partners, better check your behavior. You may be feeling perfectly alright after venting your anger but it will only have a negative effect in the long run.

Watch out your Fighting Style

What Women want in Bed  Each one of us has a unique style of fighting. Some people externalize, lash out loud and express verbal distress. Others are less vocal, withdraw in silence and hold it. Some people are like footballers and boxers who watch out for the score to settle. They will have a tit-for-tat approach. This may work at office but will not do great thing to your relationship. If you are a silent fighter who would quietly smile yet hold grudges; think twice. Whom are you fooling? It’s better to be expressive and open about your thoughts. Another style is the diplomatic style which is quite dangerous. Do not be a political icon at least with your significant other. Your diplomacy tricks are not meant for love life. So, whatever be your fighting style, work towards constructive and positive ways of resolving differences. It helps you foster better bonding and nurtures your relations in the long run.

Stick to the topic

Fighting like an adult is important. Do not be a kid who starts throwing tantrums and is all messed up in the head. When you are having an argument, stick to the main topic and do not deviate. Confusing with multiple issues simultaneously will only make the situation complex and tensed. Relationship expert Maria Joseph clarifies, “Most couples who come to me for counseling complain of fights heading towards dead end. It’s not about arguments; it’s about resolving and reaching a conclusion”. We need to transform our attitudes in a realistic way by accepting foibles and try not to change your partner. Often couples get mad over such relationship advice and ask, “How the hell I stay organized when there are mental and verbal missiles shooting from both sides”. True but this is what sensible people do and you have to be empathetic to understand the delicacy of fights.


What Women want in Bed  This one is critically important and most neglected aspect of fighting. All of us want to say a lot and listen very less. Slipping in your tongue and opening up your ears is a wonderful art. If you can work towards your listening skills then it will do miraculous benefits to your love life. When the other person is upset, sometimes you are just expected to sit down and listen patiently. Let him/her vent out the frustration and you will feel better about calming them. “All I want him to do is to sit and listen when I am angry”, says Sara. As per relationship experts, couples often complain of partners being impatient. So, take a deep breath and let the other one go on.

Make up

We should not miss the most important aspect of fighting – patch up! Some people say ‘just make love and say sorry’. This works quite okay most of the time with most of the couples. But it’s not a great idea every time. There may sometimes be a need to repair some personal rift. It’s important to discuss and talk it over. It may not be feasible to reach a conclusion but definitely clarification is needed. You need to verbalize your thoughts in a planned manner and approach the person. Try to clarify your stand and how you never meant to hurt the partner’s feelings. This will go a long way in making a healthy relationship and not piling up grudges.

It’s completely normal to fight. So, do not let your fights scar the entire relationship. It’s a small and healthy aspect of being together. Take your time and space and make efforts to resume normalcy as soon as possible. Snooty faces, cold expressions and silence are the worst reactions after fights. As per experts, you should never sleep over a fight. Let’s go by this wisdom and make an attempt not to drag the issue for long. Experts also emphasize some basic gender differences when it comes to disagreement. Men and women have different ways when it comes to dealing with arguments. Women are more vocal and demand discussion. Men withdraw and need space to become normal.

Admit your mistake and accept the fact that your partner is unchangeable. If you come to terms with realities, you are in a better position to resolve conflict. Neither submissiveness nor aggression lets you win over the other person. Be assertive and make your point objectively. Learning basic communication strategies can actually help you deal with your partner as well.

All about Live in Relationships

We have already discussed about 18 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Get For Him. So, we hope that ideas have worked well and some of you have taken a step forward in the commitment ladder and moved in. Yes, living in together is quite a big step and more complex than you think. Modern day lifestyles and openness to experience have led to the emergence of live in relationships. Some people think of living in as a better alternative to marriage. “You are not bonded, no in-laws and you enjoy your personal space”, says a 27 year old software engineer living in from the past 2 years with his girl-friend.

While there are many pragmatic hiccups to living in; there are also many blissful experiences too. It’s a mixed pot with its share of tears, laughter and romance. For some it’s a completely eccentric idea made for celebrities and not real people. There are also some who want to gauge their chemistries and then decide whether to get hitched or not. Whatever be your stance, let’s have a look at things that are important in a live-in relationship.

The Fun Side

All about Live in Relationships There is obviously plenty of fun when you move in. You can do a multitude of things together and have fun too. You no longer miss each other and there is a full stop to all the waiting hours. The whole arrangement of cohabitation is quite fulfilling, at least initially. People enjoy the task of managing a new home, shopping and making a common love space. As per a recent study, couples who are living in feel better about their relationship because they get to share the same space. “I can directly come home and be with him after work. Earlier, we had to plan evenings and could not see each other apart from weekends”, remarks a young girl who has recently shifted with her partner in a new apartment.

Living in is not a romance movie

It’s crucial for all of us to realize that you cannot be in a romantic bonhomie the entire life. Not with the same person, at least. It has to come to ground and needs to be worked through. The kind of affection portrayed in movies and television is just a fairy tale. You too may experience it in the initial part of dating but it will fade away gradually. We start thinking that we have moved in with some prince or princess but it is also crucial to know that they are imperfect too. Research suggests that over 67% couples felt that attraction has lowered after they started living together. It’s a natural phase of all relationships and one needs to be comfortable to such ground realities.

Helping each other

One of the best things about live-in relationships is that you are constantly around each other. Helping each other nurtures your relationship. Couples can enjoy each other’s company all the time and be available whenever needed. It especially works when one of the partners is not well, upset or having some problem. Not just physical, it’s a great emotional support as well. “I was unwell and called him up midnight. He had to come a long way to my apartment and took me to the doctor. But now we live together and he is always there for me”, says a lady who is happy living with her partner.


This is where live-in relationships have an edge over marriage. While marriage brings a set of social responsibilities, live-in enjoy total freedom. One is not bonded by social norms and love is the only thing that keeps you together. But does that mean you completely evade answerability to each other? Well, that is a tricky question. It depends on how much liabilities the two people bring to the common space. For some partners it is perfectly alright to come late without being checked. While for others, both make it a point to inform each other if any late night plans with friends have to be made. You can definitely enjoy your freedom but with predefined limits.

50:50 or not

All about Live in Relationships A partnership usually demands 50:50 contributions, both financially and physically. But in relationships this formula may not always work. Once you decide to move in, there are certain obvious issues you need to sort out. Finances, daily chores, responsibilities and a plethora of things are to be discussed upon. Often couples think of equal shares and move on. Some work out a different formula and it is always advisable to be proactive about division of resources. It could be anything between who pays grocery bills to who cleans the utensils. Things cleared in advanced makes life easy and hassle free for both partners.


All about Live in Relationships This is a common misconception that couples plan to live-in for sex. We do not find sex to be the foremost cause for living in. Yes, intimacy does make you indulge in physical pleasures but it’s not for the sake of sex alone. As per a recent survey by an Australian magazine, 27% of the couples reported that sex was not at all important when the decision to start living in was made. Some even said that they have separate rooms and hardly have sex. “It’s all about your commitment, sex is not primarily important if you have an emotional bond with the person”, says a young girl. Experts often advise couples to be clear in their heads about the reason to be together. If you plan to live under one roof for the sole purpose of physical reasons, it’s not a great idea.

Live-in as a precursor to marriage

Modern couples often plan to live-in before getting hitched. It’s crucial to gauge a person’s habits, temperaments and nature before you make the important decision to get married. So many couples across the globe change their minds after living in together. “It’s a reality check. Living with your partner 24X7 makes you aware of certain things which you otherwise cannot discover. Once you are very clear about her imperfections, your marriage is based on realistic expectations”, remarks a young guy who is getting married to his girl-friend after living in for two years.

Living in with habits

All about Live in Relationships A person is the aggregate of his habits. Messy hair, scattered stuff, wet towel on the floor, untidy bed and bad breath are just an introduction to the realities of living in. We all are imperfect humans and have certain infirmities too. The significant other needs to be completely comfortable with your habits and tantrums. It is sometimes shocking to discover that the lovely lady who is always dressed up like a ramp model can fart so loudly. The handsome guy who never stops looking good could actually be an unshaved, untidy boy roaming around in boxers. That is real life. It’s all about discovering the realities of life. Living in together could be a great eye opener for many couples.

Friends and Family

Some couples are comfortable with the idea of informing parents and family about the decision to live-in. There are others who keep it secretive. Once you have decided to live together, it’s better to be open and upfront about it. You and your partner should discuss about the comfort levels if friends or family visits you. “I told my boy friend that I do not want his mother to come and visit us, I do not want his buddies to hang around in my living room. It’s so uncomfortable”, says a girl. Each one of us has different ideologies when it comes to privacy and comfort. It’s advisable that you speak out your mind to your partner and clear out the differences.


The ‘C’ word is often dreaded by urban couples these days. The response to commitment varies widely across people. Some feel living in with the partner requires commitment. They say it’s all about loving and being committed to each other. There are others who feel that lack of commitment is the reason for live-in. They would argue about their freedom to walk out anytime they wish to. Both are justified and pragmatic. So, it all depends on what you expect from your relationship. Experts suggest that both partners need to be clear about their level of commitment. If one is totally dedicated while other is casual then the relationship will be lopsided. People should work out a mutual equation and make a prudent choice.

After this in-depth analysis and insightful dissection of live-in relationships, it’s also important to remember that you come together for mutual fun and romance. Nothing should stop you from filling the home with the aroma of vanilla candles and roses. Flower petals in the bath tub and scintillating ambience are a must have if you want to create real romance. One should strike the balance between emotional bliss and pragmatic aspects. Once you know it right, nothing can come in your way of perfect happiness.

Are You Heading For a Love or an Arranged Marriage?

Are You Heading For a Love or an Arranged Marriage?

Men marry women with a hope they will never change. Women marry men with a hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.
-Albert Einstein

The above quote says all about the perplexing nature of the usually named ‘sacred’ union of marriage. The fragile and obscure subject of marriage has been taken up in the previous articles wherein the different aspects of a relationship has been dealt with an in depth analysis.

A prevalent and widely believed misconception says that the love marriages don’t last longer. Well, it’s a myth, but at the same time it holds right due to few pivotal reasons.

Why Love Marriage?

Why To Reconsider Love Marriage?

Are You Heading For a Love or an Arranged Marriage?

Why Arrange Marriage?

Why Not Arranged Marriage?

Are You Heading For a Love or an Arranged Marriage?
Well, like love marriages, arranged ones too come with their own set of disadvantages:

How To Adjust in an Arrange Marriage?

Every marriage whether love or arrange has its own share of required adjustments and compromises. But, since unlike love marriages, the understanding and the process of knowing each other starts developing post marriage. During that delicate phase, the burden of too much of adaptation and adjustments becomes a task to tackle. But this can be done in fruitful manner by following ways:

Nowhere does it say that Love marriage is good or an arranged one is better. It is truly most of the time the efforts that the two people put into the marriage that matters the most and is the root of a good relation. So whether you are stepping into a marriage out of love or the one arranged by your elders and well wishers, ultimately it’s you and your partner who would be the maker or the destroyer of the relation.
Happy Marriage!

18 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Get For Him

Last time we talked about Dealing with Breakup, but the Lovers’ Day is round the corner. So, we talk of uniting and making our love lives happier and better.

Men, in general are hard to shop for. Thanks to the numerous articles, advertisements and blogs around which gives an easy list of ‘acceptable’ gifts for women. But ‘gifts for men’ is a less talked about issue in the relationships manuals. A teddy bear or pink roses might not really work for him. Whether it’s your boy friend or husband; you start pressing the panic button as soon as February approaches. You are bothered what to buy which is romantic and practical too. Especially when you have been dating for several years and given all the generic gifts to each other; it is now more challenging to find an innovative idea to say ‘I love you’. If it’s your first Valentine then too you have to make a good first impression to let him know he is dating the right girl. All too confusing? Never mind because we went around and asked several men about gifts they want.

18 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Get For HimValentine’s Day is swiftly approaching and you are all bothered to find great ideas for the great day. Your guy definitely deserves something special and unique this year. Instead of expecting him to spell that out for you, you need to find some pragmatic and unique present this year. Here is a cursory look at some of the best gifts that you can plan to buy.

Valentines Keychain

You already know how much he loves his bike or car. But do you know that he equally values the key that starts it. A nice masculine key chain is perhaps a great gifting thought for him. Needless to mention, he will not like hearts, cute thoughts or love teddy bears. Get him something more manly and you could even personalize it. The market is flooded with key chain for al budgets, so make your pick today.


Now, this one is a no-brainer. Watch is an all-occasion when-in-doubt gift for everyone. Men love watches. It could be a premium limited edition watch or an everyday sports watch. Stress your memory a little and you would remember some watch he has window shopped lately. Get him that he will adore you for it.

A nice muffler or cardigan

It’s cold outside. How about a warm gift that he can put on whenever he gets out? A trendy and stylish winter gear is a wonderful gift for the season. Men are slightly laid back when it comes to seasonal shopping. They are not one of those who would head towards the shopping arcades for every new season. You can take onus of winter shopping for him this Valentine.

Valentines Special Boxers

Surprised? A pair of underwear or boxers is both practical and naughty. Guys are not active shoppers when it comes to inner wear. You know he has a limited stock of boxers and needs a few new ones. He gets a new pair of boxers and you see him try them on. It’s going to be fun making him wear it in the later part of the day. You already know why.

Mobile cover

The gadget freak in your life will love the gift. His already technologically savvy life will now be more secure with a mobile cover. Get him a stylish, trendy and edgy cover for his phone and he will have your gift round the clock.


If he is a music lover but managing it on his phone, get him a new I-pod. An I-pod is actually a wonderful gift for just about anyone. If not then I-pad is also equally exciting for the boys. The only issue is that it may go slightly out of the budget. Well, that requires long term saving and planning if you plan to say ‘I love you’ in a grand way.


18 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Get For HimGuys are not very attentive about the condition of their wallets. But that does not mean they don’t want a new one. Give him a sleek and handsome wallet that will last for years to come. You can get is personalized and even keep your picture inside. He will admire the gift and you may get an equally exciting return gift as well.

Playboy Magazine

Now this one is the most edgy gift. A copy of Playboy magazine will make him feel really high for two reasons. The first one is for the present itself and the second is that it comes from his own girlfriend. You may even buy him a year’s subscription.

Grooming Kit

No shave November is already gone but if he is still not in a mood to groom, you could probably initiate for it.  Looking nice is equally important for men as for girls. A nice grooming kit is a fabulous gifting option. You can make him shave and groom more often with an exciting new kit.

Tickets to sports event

18 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Get For HimWe asked a lot of guys about what gift they would love to have and many of them answered ‘ticket to my favorite sport’. Girls! You may not be a sports lover but have to be a little sporty this Valentine. You can accompany him for the event or he can go with his friends. Do we need to emphasize that tickets can be taken for a date after 14 Feb.

Beer or Whisky

18 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Get For HimOpt for a gift that is fun and romantic. A nice wine, whiskey or beer can be a great thing to share on Valentine’s Day. You may pick from premium to everyday alternatives as per your budget. The only crucial thing is to keep the gift as per his choice. If your guy is a liquor lover then there is no chance you gift him something else.

Customized cufflinks

Getting him dressed could be difficult sometimes. Customized cufflinks can be an innovative way to make him remember you. Get it engraved with your initials or any secret code only you two know about. It will add a personal touch to the gift and make it ever memorable.


Clothing is always a safe gift for any occasion (if you know the right size). You obviously must have measured all his body by now and buying a shirt will not be that tough. Get him a new crispy shirt for office. It’s going to be a valuable and memorable addition to the wardrobe.


His gym bag is now old and ratty and needs replacement. Why don’t you do it? Get him a new sports bag from his favorite brand. If he is not a gym freak then look out for his weekender and travel bags. We are sure one of them needs to be replaced.

Sports Gear

There are endless choices in sports gear. You can buy a cool water bottle, shoes, racket or just about anything he needs his way to the gym. Guys also like footballs and sports essentials. Head towards one of the sports stores around and you will have a plethora of choices.


Fashionable eye gear is a man’s equivalent of earrings and jewelry. Sunglasses are tried-and-tested men’s accessories. They can never go wrong. Pick from the wide options in the stores and even online.

Memory stick

It’s a petite yet spacious gift for anyone. You may find it slightly boring but it’s really practical and guys love that. A memory stick is going to be useful for years to come and he will remember you each time he uses it. You may even go to the next level and buy him a hard drive. Add a note to it ‘not for storing porn’.


Buy him a bottle of nice perfume. No floral and sweet scents. You need to find the rugged and woodsy scents around. It isn’t a hard thing to do, we suppose. You already know his liking and find a scent that matches his sporty attitude.

Buying gifts for men can be tricky but not rocket science. You need to just understand the basics. The cardinal thought is to light up his face and bring you closer to him. It’s all about making the day memorable and fun. It’s important to communicate feelings and feeling loved.

The basic idea about buying Gifts for Him is to make his heart pulse. You have to remind yourself that the red hearts that make your pulse go high might not be as exciting for men. So, keep it rugged, macho and edgy. Even if he does not adore the gift, he will love you for the efforts. It’s crucial to keep the gift personalized too. Instead of buying 100 little things, you buy one big gift. Guys like it that way. So, get started and pick the best gift for your beloved. Good Luck and Happy Valentine’s Day.


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Dealing with Break up

We have been talking about What men want in bed and What women want in bed; but what happens when you stop wanting each other? It’s when you reach the grey area of relationship called break up.  It’s when you say, “We’re done”. Irrespective of which side you are on, dumper or dumpee, it certainly is gloomy and heartbreaking. Despite of the endless books and articles written on this topic, the actual way to deal with a break up is to …..deal with breakup.
Break up is the cusp between relationship and single. Whether its marriage or any significant relationship, the end is often hurtful. Anger, denial, pain, depression and all sorts of negative feelings literally block your head and your life. Nothing seems to be moving and things only appear lopsided. If you think taking a day off work becomes mandatory after breakup, you’re not alone. As per a recent research, over 75% people felt low and sick after breakup. Especially in cases when you have been dumped there are additional feelings of a massive ego hurt. So, if you are a sobbing creature with no appetite, low self esteem and complete mess then this is a worthwhile read for you.

Give yourself time

Dealing with Break up It’s a cliché and you have already heard it a million times before. So, eating ice cream and chocolates along with constant tears is simply normal. If you believe those advertisements then that chocolate bar should give you instant happiness. Unfortunately, in real life it takes longer to heal. You need to wait and settle down to normalcy. Think of the process as normal and something that happens to everyone. It will make you feel better about your situation.

Be mature

As per a recent survey, over 45% people felt that they behaved in a childish manner after break up. It could be tantrums, creating scene at public places and blocking your ex on Facebook. Be firm and become comfortable with the truth that it’s over. Do not act as if you are a teenager and make your break up public news. Act and behave sensibly else do not indulge into something that you will have to regret later.

Staying friends

This is a tricky question. So, the prudent answer would be to analyze your situation. If you are mature enough to handle each other at parties and meetings then you can be on cordial terms. But if you are one of those who cannot really deal with the present partner of your ex, its better you part ways completely. In cases where you share the same work space and are co-workers then keep composure. Do not give fuel to gossip fires and makes things embarrassing.

Stay with friends

It’s the worst thing being alone while sad. True, you need time for yourself. But, being alone all the time will put you down to the abysses of sadness. Call over close friends and you may visit them too. Watch television with them or go out for coffee. Spending time with friends help you recover faster and make you feel less bored. It also abstains you from constant thoughts of your ex and breakup.

Start a new hobby or fitness program

Its okay to sulk a little but it’s crucial to get back to life as well. It could be a discomforting to push yourself to something like gym, painting class or dance practice but gradually you will like it. Starting something new will keep you occupied and there are less chances of feeling alone. You may start enjoying the new hobby and get over faster. It will also help you make new friends and rediscover your own self.

Get a Hair cut

We mean it in literal sense. A research suggests that people who get haircuts, makeovers and wardrobe overhaul come out of break trauma faster. The basic idea is to get rid of old clutter and pave way for fresh air to come in. It also helps you get rid of your old baggage and lets you start afresh. Sprucing up your looks actually make you feel good about yourself. “When we had split, it was really horrible. I did not know where I was and how to collect myself. I got a complete makeover. It works both ways; feel good and a revenge tactic” says a 25 year old dietician.

Do not ruminate

Dealing with Break up It’s really heartbreaking to recollect all those memories when you two sat down and discussed the future. Unfortunately, you have reached a deadlock. It’s not advisable to ruminate over past and think of all those moments you have wasted for a person. Ruminating over past memories is not only futile but depressing. Holding back grudges and hurts will only make you feel worse. Just forget and move on. It’s hard but one must try.

Love yourself

“Sometimes we don’t realize that we are compromising ourselves”, says Jennifer Lopez on her break up with singer Anthony. It’s quite true that we are a little compromising in the relationship because of the efforts to satisfy the other significant other. Once you break up, you are quite free with all your love is now available for oneself. Initiate things that you were putting off all this while. Start exploring yourself and connect with your soul. Pamper yourself, take a holiday with friends and enjoy things around.
Relationship expert Sara Mathew says that she often meets people who are completely changed after break up. Some grow while others become worse.Dealing with Break up Parting ways is a reality and it’s our attitude which determines the outcome. When you call it quits, your mind and body completely revolves around that one person. This feeling is equally passionate when you first fell in love. The only difference is that now it’s all negative.

Do not spy

It’s crucial to get over with someone you were committed to. It’s difficult but constant stalking will only make it more complicated. Acknowledge the break up at an emotional level. With social networking sites and common friends, it’s easy to keep track of your ex. But you should not be doing it at all. It’s futile. It’s sorrowful. Who is he or she dating now and what’s happening in their lives in totally not your concern. Move on and get a life of your own. At least, for your own sake.

Talk about your feelings

Dealing with Break up Speaking your heart out brings peace of mind. It does not alter the situation but makes you stronger to deal with your own feelings. It’s a healing process and makes you feel better. You also receive genuine and valuable advice to manage the situation better. You may converse with parents, siblings or well meaning friends. If you are a total introvert then write about what you feel. You may even talk in front of the mirror. Believe me, it feels better.

Focus on future

You may have been in the most loving relationship and ending it could be emotionally devastating. But it’s not the end of the world. Numerous people before you have been in the exact same situation. They all found their ways and most of them have found better partners too. It’s all a matter of perception. Focus on the future and better prospects that await you. Not just personally, you may even like to put more efforts in your professional arena.

Do not quickly jump into another relationship

You may be tempted to get into a new relationship immediately after a break up. That’s certainly not a good idea. Firstly, you will end up comparing your ex and the new one and find yourself frustrated. Another important thing is to sort out your own self and get rid of the baggage first. Give yourself time and neutralize your emotions first. This will further help you to get along with the right person and not just fall for anyone who crosses your way.
It’s important that your embrace yourself and move on. Although it’s a major emotional loss yet things can get better. Take cues from the celebrities who have broken up from long term relationships and came out successful and happy. As per a recent study, there is a tendency for people to get back to their ex and reunite. In some cases, it can be successful but wisely saying, if it has not worked before how will it work this time. Make your prudent choice. Getting back is not a great idea for most people. You may have to act with prudence and maturity if you plan to do so.
From a brighter perspective, heartbreak is also a great love lesson. It lets you understand yourself better and know your weaknesses too. It’s a reality check and makes you grow as a person. It hurts but you are now in a better position to handle your next love. Hopefully, that shall happen soon and you would come back here for some more relationship advice. We will keep you posted.

What men want in bed

After the last article on what women want in bed, it’s a writer’s duty to be gender-fair. So, today is a take on What men want in bed. No matter how great your bed timing is, there are things that your partner may be holding back. Unlike women, men are less vocal and little expressive. You have to go the extra mile to take out the actual truth behind his physical desires. As a woman and caring partner, you may like to know what is inside his head when you are up, close and personal.

To get the inhibition-free answers from men is a tricky question. There have been several studies before and some of them had shocking revelations. You may think yourself be the ultimate seductress and a diva in bed. But the reality is far deeper and complex. A recent research found out that most men think their sex lives are not fully satisfactory and their partners are completely oblivious about this truth. Men also complain women to be a little selfish when it comes to fun. “All she cares about is her orgasm; she has never really made any efforts to find out what excites me as a man. I love her but I am a little disappointed with my bedroom life”, complains a 28 year old architect. Many such stories will crop up if you start eavesdropping conversing men at a club. Scary? Read on to find the truth about what men want in bed.

Praise Him

What Men want in Bed Compliments are a great catalyst for sex. It’s unfair if you think only women respond positively to praise. Men are human too. Right? They too have the same need for praise and affection. Men are equally conscious of their looks and performance in bed. You have to make him feel confident about his satisfactory role in your sex life. Tell him good things about his body and how much you like him. Remember, it has to be sex talk and something truly arousing. Try and see what works best for him.

Sex for sex’s sake

Yes, men are more mechanical in their approach to love and intimacy. Not that they are totally devoid of emotions; it’s a fact that sometimes it’s only a physical need for them. Women need to understand this basic trait and do not criminalize his sexual desires. As per an Australian psychologist, men enjoy ‘raw sex’ and want their partner to reciprocate with equal passion. Do not get too emotional every time. When he wants things to be plain wild and mechanical then be a sport. You have to be comfortable with the idea of gender differences in bed. Pleasure do not mean same thing to men and women.

All his sex is not localized to one region

Surprise, surprise! Men’s sexual locality is not limited to the genitals alone. He definitely has many other erogenous zones which he wants you to explore. Commonly, men like to be touched around the inner thighs, back and chest. The prudent advice is that you explore and experiment to find out what works best for your man. If you are a couple of open communication, you may directly ask him about his erogenous zones. Make sure you titillate him enough before you go for the final act.


What Men want in Bed “I love fantasies but too scared to share it with my wife as she would judge men”, says a 30 year old banker. This is so much true for most men. They like to talk about their fantasies and know yours too. Girls! Give them open space and let them express themselves. Even if it’s weird and dirty, do not judge. It’s just a fantasy, enjoy it. Ask him about what’s his favorite position and what all he wants to do in bed. Men are deeply involved in their sexual fantasies and you should value their aspirations. Let him pour out his heart and mind and you can know all his naughty temptations.

Women need to be honest

What? Fake orgasm? It’s a big no-no for women to fake anything in bed. Men desire honesty in bed. They would like it more if you are open and frank rather being untrue. Men value their bedroom life more than women. They have tied their egos to what happens in bed. So, a little mistake can cost you dear. Just be honest in your feelings and level of enjoyment. If you do not like something, say it. Guys in general are over-conscious about the idea of satisfying their lover. So, they constantly make efforts to keep you happy and content. On the other hand, you can co-operate by being honest. Is that too much?

Watch porn together

What Men want in Bed Since teenage, men are conditioned to take porn as normal. Women may find it kinky or wild but the sooner you become comfortable to reality the better it is. They also expect their partners to share fun with them. Do not view sex as something indecent or weird. Porn is adult entertainment. Be fun and sporty by watching some movies together. Even soft porn is also a great alternative for women to enjoy. It also acts like a great aphrodisiac and let the juices flowing. Who knows that you’ll start the fun in the couch and conclude in your bed?

Do not make sex as a favor

Moments in bed are mutual and should not be thought as any kind of favor. The worst thing women do is to treat sex like a favor to their partners. They show as if they are doing it for the man’s happiness alone. It’s a pathetic think to do and if you are one of those women, relook into your attitude. You need to seriously correct such behavior if long term happiness is your pursuit. Do not make him beg for physical favors as it’s a serious deterrent to your entire relationship. As per a recent survey, more than 34% of men felt that their partner makes sex as a favor and it’s a potential reason why they want to break up. Beware! The statistics are scary.

Open to fun and new tricks

Men prefer women who are open to new experiences. If you are a lady who only likes the missionary position, chances are that your man is slightly dissatisfied with you. Sexual act is also like cuisine; you want variety and newness. Guys like girls who are ready to explore new sensations and are open to experimentation. You should not make faces over trying new positions and new experimentation. Just go with the flow and enjoy the fun. Men love to try new situations, places and explore the next level of fun. Co-operate with him and have great fun yourself.

Take initiative

What Men want in Bed If you are someone who initiates the great act then you are likely to keep your man happy. It’s a popular belief that man is a caretaker and the same definition reciprocates inside the bedroom as well. True, but it can become boring and cliché at times. Sometimes, men do desire women who initiate sex. The trick is to let him be the leader and you can initiate the fun sometimes. Call him during office and let him know you are waiting eagerly at home. Why not light candles and create an ambience for romance before he comes home? The possibilities are endless and we know how creative you are. Aren’t you?

Dirty Talks

Dirty talks are a great way to arouse your man. It’s easy, simple and does not take much effort. Women in general, are great talkers; so why keep quiet in bed? Talk about what you would like to do and tell him your wildest fantasies. Indulge in talks about how you feel when he touches you and what arouses you most. There is no limitation in what you can talk; you know what we mean.

Accept him the way he is

While this wisdom is true for your whole relationship, it does have a special significance in your intimate life too. “Men do not want to be judged on their looks, intimate parts or sexual desires. They prefer to be accepted as a whole. Women should not categorize things like I like his kiss but not caressing”, says a leading relationship expert. Research reveals that men prefer to stay with women who are more accepting and casual rather than women who nitpick all the time. So, if you are a nagging queen and teacher who correct him all the time, stop right there.

The crux of the matter is to indulge in fun and keep him interested in you. You obviously know the basic when it comes to dressing and putting on nice lingerie. Take the fun to the next level by following our easy tips. While you make all the efforts to keep the love fire burning, we will continue to bring newer ideas to help you. Wait for our next article which will give you deeper insights in the world of love, sex and relationships. Till then, love and enjoy.

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