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10 ways to spice up your love life

My previous article was about 7 ways to manage a miserable relationship. But today I take up a more fun and exciting topic – 10 ways to spice up your love life. Yes! You may be dating, living in or married. But once monotony enters your life, it becomes dull and predictable. You definitely are more concerned about diapers than diamonds. You need to jump start and put your love life on the forefront.

The initial chase phase of any relationship is beautiful. It is full of all kinds of romantic emotions that give you weird but lovely spine chills. But once you settle down comfortably with your partner agree or not you start taking the entire relationship for granted. You the other person is right there for you, forever. The routine of a daily life can take a toll on your relationship and you need to rekindle your love life in order to keep it up and lively. Spicing up your life could sound too much but these are some really handy and easy tips. Once you start doing them you would just laugh at yourself and wonder why you didn’t think about it earlier. It’s all about falling in love with the same person and start dating once again. Surprised? Read on for some awesome yet practical 10 ways to spice up your love life.


  1. Sex –

It sound might sound too desperate or eager to put sex on top of the list but hold on before you make your judgments. But we as humans are sexual beings! Unlike animals who respond to the natural sexual instinct, we respond to sexual love. Sex has a far deeper meaning than just the natural urge to mate. So how can we devoid sex of foreplay? When was the last time you bought sexy lingerie for her? Is sex a predictable thing for you? If you ponder over these questions and wonder what was so exciting at the time you two started dating or What changed since then? Maybe the answer lies in overhauling your sex life and you need to get up and get started with it right away. Sexual longings and the wonders of love are beyond words. Or should we say it’s divine. Wear a nice perfume, light candles, throw in your satin bed sheets and indulge in foreplay. Great sex happens in great relationships. Experience it and re-live the magic again.

  1. Getaway –

Taking a getaway trip to some exotic romantic destination can be a huge change. You will have each other’s undivided attention. 10 ways to spice up your love lifeA shift from the daily routine can bring relaxation and recharge both of you for a better companionship. Do not hesitate if you have kids. Take them along but make sure you have quality time for each other. Be romantic and do things that add zing to your love life. Try something like a spa or massage. How about going to the disc or go for some water sports. Think. It’s all around you. You just have to find fun ways to add spice to your life. As much as you need to spend quality time together for a healthy relationship, you also need to spare each other of the constant ‘togetherness’.  Letting your man have his own boy time and taking your own girly hours can bring you both recharged. This way you can happily give more to your relationship. So, strike a balance between intimacy and space!

  1. Speak your heart-

As couples, we talk a lot but speak very little. If you have started to feel that your partner does not understand your needs and expectations then please take a pause to realize that both of you have grown into different personalities over time and the best thing to do is to share your feelings and expectations explicitly. Do not expect your partner to be a mind reader all the time.

Tell your needs directly. Something like “We need to go for a holiday”, “we should go for a date” or “Let’s have some fun” is perfectly okay. Your partner is likely to respond to such demands more positively. Talk about your emotions more than the grocery bills!

  1. Get dressed-

10 ways to spice up your love life
Get out of lousy gowns, old shorts and loose T-shirts. Remember when you started dating, you would spend hours becoming perfect for your partner. How much complacency has settled since then? Look at yourself and start evaluating the sea change you have gone through. Being dressed is not about for parties only. It should be part of your routine. Do not settle for your comfort zone all the time. Women should take care of their clothes, hair and overall appearance. Same is true for men as well. It’s completely understandable that you’re busy, have kids and other responsibilities. Believe me; the payoff is much greater than the effort.

  1. Do crazy things-

Being predictable all the time can be boring. Learn to enjoy each other’s company and do crazy things once in a while. There is no bond better than being partners in crime. Have morning sex and get late for work. The adrenalin rush is simply too exciting. Be flexible and stop micro managing things. Loosen up a bit and do things you feel like. Do not be like ‘it’s weekday, so you can’t drink’. Call her for lunch during workdays, send crazy messages and plan fun stuff. Just enjoy the moment in the best way you can. You always do the routine but once in a while taking that one step can lead to a beautiful relationship.

  1. Exchange duties-

Your daily chores can make you feel robotic. Many counselors and researches have said that a marriage in which the man helps the woman equally is happy marriage. It will also make you understand mutual responsibilities and what effort your partner is making. Create a space for mutual care and concern. Maybe you are not supposed to do the dishes but if you do once a while before she comes to home it will be priceless to see happiness. Shouldering responsibilities and doing chores together can be so much fun. Who knows you may start with doing laundry and end somewhere else! You know what I mean!

  1. Plan celebrations-

Celebrations are lovely! No one would deny this. Plan each other’s birthdays, your special days or maybe just plan to celebrate your love. Surprise birthday parties are a great way to spice up your love life. Use innovative ideas on how you can come up with a different celebration each time. Take a birthday cake to his office or do a midnight surprise party. It’s all fun and simple once you make up your mind to spice up your love life.

  1. Start romance and courtship all over again

10 ways to spice up your love lifeCouples especially women complain for lack of romance in their relationship. It’s challenging but you need to restart your romantic gestures all over again. Sending love text, flowers, cards, surprises and hundreds of things are forgotten by couples once they settle down. Steal kisses, complement each other and flirt. It could be a little difficult in the beginning but once you start, it becomes fun. It’s all about continuing your love affair. Revamp your romantic and courtship life and see the magic it creates.

  1. Enjoy each other’s company

We get married to stay together and often forget this after a few years. We often forget each other in the grove of other things. 10 ways to spice up your love lifeGirls’ night outs and boys’ fun parties become routine and couples start drifting away from each other. Cultivate a habit of doing things together and have fun together. Cooking, tub bath, cleaning and even gardening can be fun if done together. Finding common interests and being around each other is the most common habit of happy couples.

  1. Give time

The art of love life is time. Take out time from your busy schedules. It’s the irony of modern living that we get married to someone and then forget about our commitment. Work, finances, kids, parents and friends sometimes become more important. “I am with so and so, can you call back later?” is a common utterance. Think of your courtship phase when you would go out of your way to be with your beloved. You may be busy but do not ignore your love life.  Talk, hold hands, have coffee or just watch a movie. Steal moments from everyday life and make them all yours.

As life moves on, many couples have a tough time to continue with the bliss. Any relationship requires consistent efforts and investment. Happy nuptial life brings contentment in all other spheres too. It’s crucial that you nurture the gift of love and kindle the fire between both of you. Sounds too difficult? Actually it’s not! Above article is a handy guide to regain your honeymoon and courtship happiness.  Everything mentioned here is enjoyable, fun and does not require any out of the way efforts. So try them and spice up your love life!

7 Things To Manage A Miserable Relationship

My previous article about the good and bad in marriage and what men expect from their partners were a little tilted towards positive. But what about when you are living in an utterly difficult love life?  Here’s a little snapshot of 7 things to manage a miserable relationship.

Where have you been since so long and why aren’t you answering my calls or mails?

Why are you so careless and don’t remember what I want? I am not your priority anymore?

If these questions sound familiar, then you probably need to fix things between both of you. When a person suffer from mental stress and unwanted tragic situations in life whether it is related to work or personal affairs, he or she gets shattered completely. The miserable fact about a relationship is that a couple could neither stay together nor leave at sudden and move on. The most often mistaken factors in a committed relationship between the two diverse gender are-

So many frequent questions start prevailing when a relationship comes at a miserable level. But in order to manage it in better way and to keep things cool and calm, you have to follow versatile steps in life that should be practical and sensible enough to try. However, some of them are listed below for your benefit-

  1. Give some space -

7 Things To Manage A Miserable RelationshipMarital ethics are about giving space to each other. Spouses may work actively to resolve differences, alter behaviors and give due space to each other. So the most effective way to bring happiness and calm conversation back in between, you should remain silent and let time heel the uncomfortable aura around you and your partner. Let time find its own ways to heal and cure. Do not over insist and take things in a more relaxed manner. Too much of clinginess is often viewed as breach of privacy. So, plan out a common understanding of each other’s personal space. Each time a conflict arises; do not push to resolve immediately. Give it time and space. Let your partner realize the pros & cons and respond accordingly. Overburdening someone with too much concern could be troublesome for both of you.

  1. Plan a date-

dating is very different in the position of a miserable relationship. When two people are about to walk away and doesn’t want things to work out, dating seems like a nightmare. So, any one of you should make the effort. Plan a date and request the other partner to come over. It’s very difficult but worth the effort. Romance is a great medicine for relationship illness and it works quite well for most people. If you both are too engrossed in your respective lives and nothing seems to work, plan for dates as frequent as every month. Get dresses, wear perfume, take presents and be like you dated in your courtship period. It’s very difficult but it has worked for thousands of couples like you. Try and see the difference for yourself.

  1. Give extra care and time-

7 Things To Manage A Miserable Relationshipanything broken needs to be fixed. If you were unable to give time to your beloved since months and that has led to big fights, then you should accept your fault and try to cover up lost moments as soon as possible. Understand the fact that you are not the only one who is hurt. Even your partner is having a tough time and needs care as much as you. It is obvious that at a stage of peak carrier opportunities, giving care and time in extra quantity to a personal relationship is not favorable, but what you will do with that money and fame alone if your partner is no more with you to enjoy. Flowers, sweets and a tasty champion will do wonders that you can’t even imagine.

  1. Do not involve friends and family-

unnecessary involvement of friends and family may destroy your relationship. Already you have made several mistakes in a bonding that should stay forever, so now try to fix things on your own. You can take advice and help silently of the family. However, putting personal facts out and making it a public issue may spoil the entire efforts which you have made till now. Neither a girl likes to discuss things with everyone in public nor guy about their relationship problems, so if you are making this mistake since long time, then avoid immediately and work with heart rather than mind and ego.

  1. A getaway plan –

7 Things To Manage A Miserable RelationshipChange is a great healer. Think of the good old days and try to re live the moments. Plan out something that breaks the monotony and predictability of your relationship. When things are miserable in your relationship, then romantic night out at a hotel will prove as a great idea. Those who keep their ego away from love and companionship are able to stay happy forever. Your partner may not be able to accept the date that you have planned, but you need to keep patience and explain the idea with clean intentions. Hence, every girl or a guy likes personal night out date, so keep your fingers crossed as this may be the best plan you can obtain to manage your miserable relationship.

  1. Counselor help-

7 Things To Manage A Miserable Relationshipmany online counselors are there who are helpful and supportive for making harmonious terms and conditions in between a fighting couple. Being in a stressful situation that you are facing nowadays, it is not possible to think about mutual counseling, so before asking your partner to come along and talk over the things infront of the counselor it is beneficial to have a session all alone. Counselors first of all hear all problems and write them down for your case study to know how you came to such dramatic level in a relationship that you fallen for the need of an external help. In case issues are common like any other couple, then he or she may suggest you some remedies to try out practically as well as emotionally or else he may ask to bring the partner also for better understanding.

  1. Fulfill the necessities-

in case you are a husband or a boyfriend and your spouse or girlfriend is unable to bear the careless attitude of yours in life anymore, then you should at least diagnose what are the problems which are filling the empty space between you two. Many household things a women wants to buy, financial necessities are very important and physical attention of the spouse are some common issues which you must be lacking in. so now the point is that how to know what is the exact problem? When your girl is in anger and yelling out all the problems then instead of yelling at hr back and asking her to shut up, you should pen down in your mind all necessities that she is trying to explain in anger. This way you can surprise herthe very next day by getting some of the things which are practical and easy for you to afford to manage your miserable relationship.


Both male and female should control their anger while being in a relationship that is soft and could be broken at certain. Whether you are married or in living relationship, things could get worst when conversation is done with harsh behavior. Always try to put your likings and disliking according to the person whom with your dealing at that moment. if both will get into outburst personality, then any relationship would come to a tragic end. Thus, physical violence, abusive actions or language should be taken seriously in a relationship. Never suppress your freedom and let other dominate you for anything which is unjustified. Sometimes taking help of parents, siblings and close friends may occur when above said things takes place. Give yourself some time and let your partner also come back to normal mental stage to think wisely.

Marriage is a lifelong promise and requires consistent efforts to go smoothly. To be straight, you have to maintain your relationship. It cannot go on its own. Simple, everyday things must change and predictability should go out of the window. “Are you happy?”, “What you like?” and “ Let’s talk” should be the part of your life. Romance and affection aren’t meant for dating alone. They kindle the fire of love.

Problems in marriage are inevitable but the difference lies in how you deal with them. Normal fights should not be allowed to become big and troublesome. As many happy couples say, “make love to patch up”. So true. So wise. It’s also a common adage not to sleep over a fight. So, keep these thumb rules an essential and you will never have to browse articles on how to deal with troublesome relationships.

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