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Ramesh (@Ramesh) : May 27th, 2009

Absolutely awesome!

Rajneesh (@Rajneesh) : May 29th, 2009

it should also take time of birth into account and should suggest remedies for better future of the concerned.

monica (@monica) : June 3rd, 2009

this report was the most accurate,true one.after waisting my time on sights which claim they give reports and give nothing i visited this site which helped to know the areas i need to work on.your good . thankyou,

swati (@swati) : June 4th, 2009

Your comment…its AMAZING.but can i get my elaborate love horoscope please.and send it in my mail.

Felicio (@Felicio) : June 11th, 2009

This is true… This is exactly my personality…

Donna (@Donna) : June 14th, 2009

Oh my Gosh!….I also have tried numerous other sites, paid a lot of money and consulted psychics, but this site is THE MOST HELPFUL,AMAZING AND INSIGHTFUL i have ever been to. You have clarified some major issues that kept me wondering. Thank you ever so much. God’s Blessings to you!

khalid (@khalid) : June 28th, 2009

hardly few report are so exhaustive nd detailed.

Yati Mehat (@Yati Mehat) : June 30th, 2009

I think this is the best ever.. I got almost every single things that i need to know about my sign..

Good Job…!!

shagufta (@shagufta) : July 1st, 2009

needs to know my life partner’s name and location

Clantha R johnson (@Clantha R johnson) : July 9th, 2009

Will i bare more kids

Dipakk Vadehra (@Dipakk Vadehra) : July 14th, 2009

A Brilliant piece of work.
A job very well done.

Hats Off m8

Keep the good work up.


marcel (@marcel) : August 4th, 2009

this is interesting and fun

neethu (@neethu) : August 4th, 2009

thank you so much for the free readings……for me it was really interesting and helpfull

lisa (@lisa) : August 10th, 2009

God very very accurate… Wow

Hapa (@Hapa) : September 2nd, 2009


irine daphine (@irine daphine) : October 6th, 2009

could you tell me when will be getting married.. my bith date is aug 08, 1983..

tanvi (@tanvi) : October 17th, 2009

this is sooo true ,heck its accuracy scared the **** out of me well done 7 lotsa lov !!!!!!!

pablo (@pablo) : November 7th, 2009

keep it up guyz

Kisam (@Kisam) : November 25th, 2009

Your report is very good and quite interesting. I know that you have purposely avoided the negatives. Yet, I think you are doing a great service to many who need/deserve it. Hats-off! to all your good intentions. I wish you good luck to continue such invaluable services. Let me know if I can be of any help (Oh! I do not know astrology, but I know meditation).
My best regards…

Naresh (@Naresh) : November 30th, 2009

Truly very accurate or should I say? Everything you predicted was or is me! I have visited so many astrological sites to find at least one person who can give me a coorect

shobhit (@shobhit) : December 6th, 2009

its just great without paying a single paisa

Kumari Rathnayake (@Kumari Rathnayake) : December 20th, 2009

I have visited so many astrological sites to find at least one person can give me a correct predictions. this is very accurate.

pravesh (@pravesh) : December 24th, 2009

great it helps me in knowing that whether i m going on right path

Vineeth J (@Vineeth J) : December 28th, 2009

Thank you for your free service

snu (@snu) : January 3rd, 2010

Excellent!!! thank you. What is the difference between the different options at the start of the reading? Thanks

Laura (@Laura) : January 20th, 2010

Love it

Frances Coronel (@Frances Coronel) : January 22nd, 2010

HOLY CRAP. SO ACCURATE ITS SCARY. I’m coming here all the time man- it’s the most accurate website for astrology ever man!!!!!

Amit Karkera (@Amit Karkera) : January 23rd, 2010

Thanks for every thing…you are doing a gr8 job…may god bless you…& all of mankind

Frances Coronel (@Frances Coronel) : February 4th, 2010

Why isn’t it completely free anymore? :(
Thank goodness I already printed out the whole free one. :)

Aleshia (@Aleshia) : March 6th, 2010

Amazing.So accurate.

summer (@summer) : March 30th, 2010

Plez help me with a predictio tonite I’m n need!!!

Doriam Alonso (@Doriam Alonso) : April 2nd, 2010

Usually I am very dissapointed of the comertial and lack of seriousness from the predictions/tarots/horoscopes webpages. I just have to say, this is the first birth chart I read, that is 100% acurate with my life. It is so acurate that it is hard for me to believe. I am extremelly moved and impresed. Whoever did this, knows perfectly what he or she is doing. Excellent work. I am very, very pleased. I will recomend this webpage to others. Your work is very profesional and acurate. Thanks so much. If there is something I can do to help, in return of gratitud, please let me know.
Thanks again,

yaraisel (@yaraisel) : April 7th, 2010

everything was exactly how i felt and what my lifes like ..thats super awesome… im really happy it worked out that way!!!

Fallon (@Fallon) : April 10th, 2010

I feel like I know myself better now!

pushpalatha (@pushpalatha) : April 19th, 2010

i my name is pushpalatha,my D.O.B is 25.10.1985 i want to about my marriage which side the boy will come and about my job

neeraj salaria (@neeraj salaria) : May 22nd, 2010
Satishkumar (@Satishkumar) : May 24th, 2010

I my name is satish my D.O.B is 30.03.1983 n iwant 2 knw abt my marriage which side the girl will come n my future…

Brajnandan Kumar (@Brajnandan Kumar) : June 9th, 2010

Date of Birth: 01 feb 1965
Time: 10:25 AM
Place: Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India

When I will start my own Business successfully and in which field?
Shall I settle in foreign country?

KironBarua (@KironBarua) : June 12th, 2010

want to know whether the allegations against me will end or not

KironBarua (@KironBarua) : June 12th, 2010

want to know when i will be free from the allegations and when i will lead a normal and happy life

Burzin (@Burzin) : June 19th, 2010

I have appeared for Tybcom 2010 exams. Will I pass with a good percentage. Please let me know what percentage will I get

Amy (@Amy) : June 19th, 2010

Wow, thank you so much for this! I’ve doubted my self in the past, which was actually highlighted! Everything this said is so true! Thank you 😀

shalini Jaura (@shalini Jaura) : June 24th, 2010

yea, Its perfectly correct prediction……

ahdorkable (@ahdorkable) : June 28th, 2010

omg!!!! the personal predictions is so TRUE!! i love this site…..

kimi (@kimi) : June 30th, 2010

its absolutely correct.
i love it.
good work, sooooooooooo awesome

roshanlal kanojiya (@roshanlal kanojiya) : July 15th, 2010

thanx 4 dis. but can i know wat can i do 4 propose 2 my g/f

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