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Ask Oracle is a social network for all belief systems, find follow and share. Discover the TRUTH.

Ask Oracle is a FREE zodiac sign horoscopes and astrology app that reveals deep and meaningful insights for happiness, love, relationships, money and health. From the creators of famous astrology website –


Horoscope readings are a perfect way to start your day and know more about anything that is close to your heart and holds any importance to you. Our horoscopes are more realistic, positive and offers useful advise to enjoy the best of all there is.

Features :

  • Daily Horoscopes and Today’s Horoscopes
  • Weekly horoscopes
  • Monthly Horoscopes
  • Receive horoscope updates and notifications
  • Email us your queries/feedback

Ask Oracle app is for everyone and offers following:

  • Aries Horoscopes
  • Taurus Horoscopes
  • Gemini Horoscopes
  • Cancer Horoscopes
  • Leo Horoscopes
  • Virgo Horoscopes
  • Libra Horoscopes
  • Scorpio Horoscopes
  • Sagittarius Horoscopes
  • Capricorn Horoscopes
  • Aquarius Horoscopes
  • Pisces Horoscopes

Available on Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store

Reviews :

Can I just say, your horoscopes are beautiful, encouraging, realistic, and affirmative. They are useful and true. Thank you so much for your free service.” – Rima Te Wiata.

Chance less… clearly symbolize my current situation….” – Gopi
Hey its really amazing…… U have done Wonderfull work….” – Manjunath Dhoopad
Ooooooohhhhhhhhh so true. Just started a new relationship and I am beyond excited and anxious.. )))” – Brittney
Hi…. i believe daily  horoscope… bec its true.” – Jyothi Mary


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