Birth Time Rectification

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Find Your Accurate Time of Birth to Seconds

Are you confused about your birth time? Is it morning or evening? Is your astrology birth chart correct? Can you use your time of birth for Divisional Charts in Vedic/Hindu Astrology? What if your Ascendant changes in 5 minutes?

Find answers to all these questions and more with our Birth Time Rectification service.

We use best techniques of Astrology to reliably and accurately find correct birth time usually within 12 hours. Our techniques are unique, dependable and very uncommon.

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How it works?

In Astrology one of the most important data is correct availability of a birth time. Without knowing an accurate time of birth, study of a natal birth chart is not possible. Correct and accurate predictions depend on accuracy of the natal horoscope provided to the astrologer.  The prime and the most important step for gauging the accuracy of the horoscope is to tally the main events that have already happened in the life of the native through various astrology techniques. If the events tally, the horoscope is correct, if the events do not tally the horoscope requires Birth Time Rectification. Past events could be education, marriage, separation, love affairs, illness, purchase of vehicle, property, number of siblings, number of children, parents alive or not, physical attributes or any other event which you could think as important. These events are matched with the horoscope and if these match with the time provided then the time is correct other wise the chart needs rectification which is done accordingly.

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