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To view your career and business horoscope, please choose your sun sign below. Your sun sign is determined on the basis of your date of birth.

  1. Mrbass August 18th, 2022

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  2. moto road 3d July 11th, 2021

    I’m very curious about something, there are thousands of people born on the same date as me, and what you’re saying is impossible for all people born on the same date as me to live.

  3. get on top November 9th, 2019

    this horoscope things are just for entertainment, I think. Career, Money, Jobs, Finance and Business can be in your hand. Do not trust anybody or anything but yourself.

  4. Priya September 8th, 2018

    my name is Priya and dob is 26 april1995 and time is 3:45 a.m and place of birth is Kathua, Jammu when I will get a job and in which sector?

  5. Priya September 8th, 2018

    when I will get a job and in which sector?

  6. loree June 13th, 2018

    Loreen born on 25/12/1990 at makadara in kenya at 12.00pm when wil l get job please

    • Vedicastrservice June 14th, 2018

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  7. sai January 8th, 2018

    My Name is SAIRAM GONE, male, DOB 12th April 1990, time 7:30 Am,i am interested in installing my own business.. i use to have one of my own with partnership past 3 years back unfortunately we jst quit it.. after that i have researched a lot of business platforms and mean while i have attended interviews but i selected in some of few companies but which i am not interested. i have not selected where i really wanted to work.

    i will be glad if someone helps me to know . which suits best is it a business or a job to work im really confused coz i cannot do something which i really don’t love to do.

  8. Amrit Kaur January 5th, 2018

    My name is amrit Kaur. My dob is 22 July 1992 and time is 03.17 pm… Place of birth is talcher odisha.. I want to know when I will get job

    • Occultservice April 23rd, 2018

      Hi Amrit Kaur.

      The time has just started from April 2018. Soon you should get one.

      Wish you good luck

  9. Indraja Singh January 4th, 2018

    Hi my name is indraja Singh. I just want to know when will I land a good job?
    My dob is 01-01-1989
    Place of birth is Barabanki Uttar Pradesh
    Time of Birth is 5:00 P.M.

  10. Alles jose October 13th, 2017

    My Name is Alles Jose, male, DOB 15.02.1978, time 1030pm, not able to stick on jobs, last job lost on Jan 2017. Still not get a job. When I gets a job in my career.

  11. damandeep Kaur September 27th, 2017

    my name is Damandeep Kaur. my birth date and time is 13 jan. 1993 5:15pm… in anandpur sahib, punjab I want to know about my career when i will get job.

  12. Pravin sadhu poojary August 9th, 2017

    My name is pravin sadhu poojary my dob is 19/03/1973 now I am in qatar on visit visa looking for job. My visa is expiry on 23 August.
    We have already talk to someone he had promised.
    Will I get job
    Really wanted

  13. Aditya ranjan pattanayak. July 31st, 2017

    I don’t stick any job. I need a job very much…

  14. Shaily July 27th, 2017

    my birthdate is 23 September 1991. Birth time is 5:20 AM. Currently, I am looking for IT Job. When will I get? Please suggest some solution to get the job

  15. deepak kulkarni July 14th, 2017

    Looking for a job and also planning for MBA this both will give success for in Futher.

  16. Wahiduzzaman Akanda Ayon July 3rd, 2017

    DOB: 30th Nov, 1991…Looking for job…will it happen in this month?

  17. saif July 3rd, 2017

    Sir m 28 jan 1983 born .btehc and mba qualified currently unemployed wehn will i get the job?

  18. Pratik Sharma July 3rd, 2017

    Wanna know about my career perspective

  19. Nishi July 2nd, 2017

    Born on 12/9/1985, at 6.25pm. Am currently looking for a job, will it happen in this month

  20. chittiboinakrishna June 26th, 2017

    sir,ichittiboina krishna born on aug 24 10.05 am. iam very much dispressed whether i will get job in govt sector…plz plz help me i will get a job or not

  21. Sutrishna Ghosh June 16th, 2017

    please tell me about my career and marraige.

  22. J C BHARATHI June 16th, 2017

    I was born on 15/11/1992 at 10.24 pm i am trying harder and harder yet i didn’t get a job . I was really depressed .because my pressurizes me ger into job

    • Suresh kumar June 19th, 2017

      Hi bharati…i m also facing same problem. I am totally tensed and pressurised.

      You just dont lose your your hope. Keep studying. Keep appearing for competitive exam and one day you will surely get through.
      Be calm and keep patience…

  23. Arpita Sarkar June 8th, 2017

    Need to know when i will get job? Not happy with present job i m trying harder but still not getting job . My DOB- 14.08.1986, Shyamnagar, Kolkata, WestBengal, Time – 5.52 AM

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