Arkhangel’sk, Arkhangelskaya, Russia

Arkhangel’sk, a city located in the Arkhangelskaya region of Russia, is situated at the mouth of the Northern Dvina River, where it flows into the White Sea. Despite its northern location, the city experiences a surprisingly mild climate, with average temperatures ranging from -12°C in January to +17°C in July. Arkhangel’sk has a rich history and heritage, having been founded in 1584 as a port for trade with Western Europe. It served as the main gateway to Russia for centuries, and its historic wooden architecture and maritime traditions continue to attract visitors today.

Famous Persons from Arkhangel’sk, Arkhangelskaya, Russia

No persons found born in this location.

Places near Arkhangel’sk, Arkhangelskaya, Russia


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