Beersheba, Southern District, Israel

B’er Sheva’,B’eyr-Sheva’,Be’er Seva,Be’er Sheva,Be’er Sheva`,Be’er Ševa,Be’er-Sheva’,Be’ér-Sheva‘,Beehr-Sheva,Beer Seva,Beer Sheba,Beer Sheva,Beer Sjeva,Beer Szewa,Beer Şeva,Beer Ševa,Beer-Sheva,Beerscheba,Beersheba,Beerxeba,Ber Seva,Ber Ševa,Bersabee,Bersabée,Berseba,Berséba,Beër Sjeva,Bir el Saba,Bir es Sab`,Bir es Sabe,B’er Sheva‘,Lungsod ng B’er Sheva’,Lungsod ng B’er Sheva‘,beeleusyeba,Беер Шева,Беэр-Шева,באר שבע,بئر السبع,베에르셰바


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