Kizner, Udmurtiya, Russia

Kizner, a town in Udmurtiya, Russia, is situated at the confluence of the Ubyt and Kilmez rivers. With a temperate continental climate, it experiences warm summers and cold, snowy winters. Historically, Kizner was founded in the 18th century as a settlement of Russian settlers and became a town in 1966. Its heritage is reflected in the presence of the Kizner Local History Museum, showcasing the town's history and culture.

Famous Persons from Kizner, Udmurtiya, Russia

  • Nadezhda Talanova - Born on April 17, 1967 - Biathlete
  • Ivan Petrovich Shchinov - Born on October 2, 1956 - Table tennis coach, Table tennis player, and Coach - Excellence in Physical Culture and Sports
  • Aleksandr Lyubimov - Born on July 20, 1950 - Table tennis coach, Table tennis player, and Coach - Honoured Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation | Honoured Farmworker of the Russian Federation
  • Vasily Vanyushev - Born on February 10, 1936 - Poet, and Writer - Order of Friendship
  • Q54019436 - Born on May 1, 1931 - Poet, and Writer (died: April 27, 2006)
  • Nikolay Semyonovich Savin - Born on August 8, 1917 - Poet, and Writer - Order of the Patriotic War 1st class | Order of Lenin | Hero of the Soviet Union (died: March 23, 1944)
  • Q23659523 - Born on October 4, 1903 - Poet, and Writer (died: October 11, 1941)

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