Terrace Heights, Washington, United States

Terrace Heights is a census-designated place (CDP) in Yakima County, Washington, United States. The CDP is located at 46.6062400°N 120.4397900°W and is part of the Yakima Metropolitan Statistical Area. As of the 2010 census, the CDP had a population of 6,911. The climate in Terrace Heights is characterized by warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters. The average temperature in July is 75°F (24°C), while the average temperature in January is 35°F (2°C). The average annual precipitation is 10 inches (25 cm). Terrace Heights was originally settled by Native Americans. The first European settlers arrived in the area in the mid-19th century. The town was founded in 1883 and named after the nearby Yakima River terraces. Terrace Heights is home to a number of historic buildings, including the Terrace Heights Schoolhouse, which was built in 1905. The town is also home to the Terrace Heights Museum, which houses a collection of artifacts from the town's history.

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