Yavas, Mordoviya, Russia

Yavas, a village in Mordoviya, Russia, is located at 54.4159000 latitude and 42.8491000 longitude, in the Europe/Moscow timezone. With a rich history and heritage, the village has been known by various names including JAVAS, Javas, and ЯВАС.

Geographic Data for Yavas, Mordoviya, Russia

Latitude 54° 24.954'
Longitude 42° 50.946'
Timezone Europe/Moscow

Numerology for Yavas, Mordoviya, Russia

Chaldean Name Number : 12 => 3

Pythagorean Name Number : 5

Yavas might be an ideal location for individuals whose birth number or life path numbers align with the values shown above.

Famous Persons from Yavas, Mordoviya, Russia

  • Mykhailo Makaruk - Born on January 5, 1988 - Volunteer, and Public figure - Medal for Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine | Golden Cross | Order of Merit (Ukraine), 3rd class | Medal "For sacrifice and love of Ukraine" | President's Award for Anti-Terrorist Operation Humanitarian Service
  • Q15060727 - Born on October 16, 1972 - - Order of Honour | Hero of the Russian Federation
  • Vladimir Dezhurov - Born on July 30, 1962 - Astronaut - Medal "For Impeccable Service", 3rd class | Medal "For Impeccable Service", 2nd class | Order "For Merit to the Fatherland", 4th class | medal for distinguished military service | NASA Space Flight Medal | Medal "For Merit in Space Exploration" | NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal | Pilot-Cosmonaut of the Russian Federation | Hero of the Russian Federation | Medal "For Impeccable Service"

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