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Aquarius and cancer, mission impossible?

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    Is it really impossible for a Cancer man to love the inquisitive Aquarius woman? Is the constant arguement a way of communication between this couple?

    How can I forget about this Cancer ex-bf of mine and move on? I always think of him when I wish to try a new relationship with someone else. It’s been 4years since we broke up, yet I still can’t let go and move on. Everytime I meet my cancer ex-bf, I’ll just melt and love him very much. But he is always very cold towards me. He said he loves me but it is not the way I wanted him to love him. How can I deal with this? 

    He was a very cheerful and funny guy when I jst met him. Then after being his gf, he became very quiet and cool. everything changed and he said the real him is quiet and reserved, he told me to accept him the way he is. It’s jst so weird. 🙁

    I have decided to leave him for so many times and I always fail to do it. I always miss him and he will always be there whenever I find him. This time I hope I really can leave him and not contact him anymore. Now I really miss him very much and almost want to text him but I have decided to stop myself. Please advise me how to be very determined and overcome this problem. 🙁

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