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aquarius and scorpian women compatibility as friends

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    I am aquarius (jan 22, 1983) and my sister inlaw is a scorpian (nov 15, 1980). after marriage we got along very well. i am very caring for her and over d things for her and her daughter. i am emotionally attached to her. but lately she has been ignoring me and appears t be she is upset with me. its very diffcult to break thru her and talk and sort things. she is very negative and blames me for hurting her and not talking abt wat is wrong. i hv never dealth wid such a negative person in life. now i hv started to feel that she mite hv been using me, i hv done a lot for her. and if she is upset just because once i did not do something for her, its nt fair wat abt all d previous helps. she says she has very limited ppl in life who r fair. dat means i m unfair. i dnt like being so judgemental and usually forget forgive ppl. i like to make peace and love in family.but she is making it difficult now.its hurting but at d same time i wanna analyse the situation and dont wanna land up as an emotional fool

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    IMO you have to see the entire picture, she did some good things for you and you did some good things to her. And then there were some not so good things you both had to cope with. Relationships (and human life itself) is a mixed bag of good things and not so good things.

    When there is no friend in our lives we say we feel so lonely. But again it happens sometimes that we make friends and get attached to a person, but later on we start complaining that this friend is so possessive and jealous, or otherwise we start complaining that this friend doesn’t takes care of us, a good for nothing person.

    So relationships are a delicate thing, and need lots of balancing and skills. Right now you need to have some clarity so that you know what is real and truth. Some emotional release along with a good health will do wonders to your relationship. Take up some daily exercises and have fun. I am sure things will start improving.



    I have experienced this with many different astrological signs, but specifically with a couple of Scorps. One was my abusive ex-Scorp that I was always paying his way and looking after him like he was my son. He wanted money not only from me, but other people as well. When the money stoped coming from me to him and this lady I know, they became very cold and very ungrateful and I was treated like an enemy.

    If we think logically about this situation though, my ex also had deep seated psychological issues. He suffered from NPD Narcissist Personality Disorder. People with NPD have what’s called a Narcissistic Supply. Meaning they use people usually finacially. If the supply stops, that’s when the abuse and insults hurl and they treat you like you don’t exist. So could I say honestly, that all Scorpios behave this way? I can say absolutely NOT! I think it is more of a psychological issue than looking to someones astrological sign for the answer.

    It may be beneficial to ask your brother how he is treated. How she behaves around him. Does she use him as well? Often people with NPD will behave differently around others for fear of being exposed of the true person they are. They are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. How does your other family members feel about her?

    The best thing to do really, is to try not to understand her and why she is treating you this way. If she does have NPD, you will receive the cold shoulder and not an honest logical answer. Also, if she does get in a rut finacially, do not offer her any money. The same thing will happen again.

    Just focus on your relationship with your brother and for no reason upset her. Like I said if she is NPD (which if she went to receive psychiatric analysis, would probably be the case) she can have what’s called a “Narcissistic Rage”. They are very scary and be very violent.

    Let’s just hope I am wrong! To the Scorps out there reading this, please don’t be offended. This is not targeted at you at all.


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