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Being confused by a Capricorn Male–Help!!!!

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    Hello and Question:

    So recently my now ex-boyfriend took a two week road trip with guy friends en-route to a wedding.. Things with us were fine just days before. During his trip he would text me all day and night, sharing pictures and text of his current location. His trip seemed so much fun and I was missing him like crazy. He kept telling me that he loved me and that he couldn’t wait to get back.

    Then out of the blue, three days out of his trip he started acting distant, not writing or calling as much.. I started to sense that something was off with us, as just a day before he was so loving and telling me that had gifts to bring back from each city.. I found myself calling and texting, only to get short answers. I know that most of the trip was spent touring cities, eating out at Restaurants, and bars and clubs. Bars and clubs I was not a fan of, but anyway, he would even text me while he was out at night. As I said everything seemed great but all of a sudden he became uninterested in speaking to me.

    He texted me finally on his last day away saying we he would be landing back home. Then he was still distant, he had lost all the lovie dovie attitude in exchange for pure coldness. We never got to speak that night, when I asked what was wrong via text, he just said that he was sad, confused, upset but that it wasnt my fault. Next day we speak and he says he wanted to be single and that this trip made him realize this and that he had such a great time and would enjoy being solo and hanging out with friends.And in his cold words, “I don’t know what to tell you, it’s a feeling I can’t control”. Utter coldness and annoyance in his voice. He said that on the last days of the trip he just completely forgot about me and that it was a bad feeling.. And that when it was time to come home the day of he had no sense to rush back to see me. No I’m sorry or anything. This has happened two weeks before our 2nd anniversary. We’ve had our share of ups and downs.

    I tried calling him again last night to see if we could talk peacefully and nicely. He proceeded to be really nasty, expressing that he wants to find other girls to date and that he is too young to be with one person and that it’s gotten old to him. He now wants to be with friends and “sample more girls” so that he knows exactly what he wants. He said I remind him of things that he hates and that there is a lot that he doesnt like about me. He even admitted that he’s given away something that he bought me but is trying to get it back to give it to me anyway as well as other gifts he bought. We’ve broken up back and fourth but we’ve always gotten back together the next day. So it was never anything official.. Our anniversary is next week of 2 years, we planned our whole evening for that day all his idea. we also have a planned trip for a wedding in two weeks that he doesnt care about losing money over, we also had something really special planned. So my question is how could someone youve known this long. vacations, weddings, family get together and all just have such hate for me that he never tells me this in person more so over the phone and refuses to be friendly. He said that he hadnt been 100% happy with the relationship and didnt want to prolong things even with everything we have planned this weekend that has become a tradition of ours. He also said that his trip helped him make the decision.

    Any advice on how to deal with this or make sense of it would be greatly appreciated. I’ve posted this on other boards, but would like as much input as possible as I get through prossesing this breakup/loss


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