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Born on 8th of any month?

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    This is for those who were born under the 8th (and 26th, 17th)of any month to share their experiences in life. If you are not born on any of the above dates but have spent time or known a number 8 from a close, we would be glad to hear you, what you feel about those born under these numbers, especially the number 8. In numerology in order to find out which number one is born under one has to add all the numbers in his date of birth i.e. dd/mm/year. So for example if you were born on, say on 2nd of january 1990 it would be like this: 02 (date)+01(month)+1990 (year)=4. But here we are not following that  pattern. I am only looking for people born on 8th or 26th or 17-especially those born on 8th. 

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