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Broken heart

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    I am in love with a guy been past 2 years but now time is bad and things are worst.. He broke my heart and left me all alone.. Fact is I still love him truly, waiting for him to come back.. Never imagined life without him.. Will he come back to me?? will he realize the value of my love.. I had never even faught with him but still he just made me lonely.. will my true love wins? can I get him back in my life…:(

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    can some one help me:(

    Ask Oracle

    Life is a mix bag of good things and not so good things. Let him decide if he wants to come back or not and meanwhile we got some important things to think about.

    First and foremost, do you really understand Love? In your present situation, would you call it love or plain neediness?

    It cannot be love because love is about happiness, joy and contentment. And to me it appears that you are not happy at all. Think about it and try to understand Love and Life more deeply.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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