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Cancer guy and Capricorn girl (me)

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    If there are any Cancer guy’s who are willing to share their experiences of being in a relationship with a Capricorn girl, it would be really appreciated! 🙂

    I am having a hard time understanding my extremely sensitive and shy Cancer guy and would like to know if Cancer guy’s prefer to be approached or not? He has indicated his interest in me by heavily flirting and I feel very deeply attracted to him as a result. One day, when he sat near me (as he has often done at our lectures), I tried to start a conversation but boy oh boy was he having a hard time talking to me! 😀 I felt bad that he had become so shy and flushed, so I didn’t pursue the convo very far beyond a few kind words. 🙂
    I don’t know whether to contact him or not (I know how to reach him online) because I have no clue as to whether sending him a message will scare him into submissing/hiding again.
    He’s very shy but adorable/cute at the same time…the pull between us is unlike anything else I have ever experienced!
    I am open to any advice and suggestions because I am willing to give this guy a shot. 🙂

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