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Cancer woman + sag man… should I be blunt?

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    I am a cancer woman and recently met a sag guy. There is a significant age difference (I’m 9 years older), but I am very deeply interested in getting to know him better. I am well aware of the problems that can arise with such a match, but I’m totally willing to work on it (including working on myself). We’ve been texting back and forth for a couple months now, but have only seen each other in person maybe three times- none of which were a date or even private. For whatever reason, I CAN’T seem to get him to GO anywhere with me- even casually! I’m virtually positive there is interest on his end, but something keeps getting in the way. My question is, should I be blunt and ask him if he’s interested in going on a date with me? We both have some trust issues so if I just need to wait for HIM to ask, I can. Personally, I can get obsessive, so I don’t want to push him away as I’d rather be friends than nothing at all… but, I would like to know where I stand and while I’m VERY patient, I’m getting a little discouraged. I wasn’t sure if maybe the age difference is an additional issue that is making him pause (I’m 29, he’s 20 to clarify). Any advice would be fantastic as I KNOW we would have a blast if I can just figure out this first bump…

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