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Can’t get over my Pisces ex

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    Hello, I’m a capricorn woman for starters. I’m 21 and in college.

    Me and my Pisces have been back and forth for a year and some change now. We just recently stopped talking for a month now over some stupid argument. I know for a fact he was the happiest when he was with me, but he wasn’t fully ready to settle down and commit, and me being a Capricorn, I knew that. So I broke up with him and we tried the friend thing but feelings were still there obviously and we argued more than ever. So over the summer, before I left for school we got kinda close again. I was there for him through his breakup with the “rebound” girl he dated after me. But when I went off to school, he reached out to me for help. I couldn’t help him at the time, but when I returned his call he told me he was with the rebound girl and didn’t need my help since I’m an hour away and couldn’t help him anyways. I was hurt by this and I sent him a text message telling him I was mad.


    Well he called me, but I was so mad that I didn’t answer. Then he sent a mean text message telling me that I should grow up and to get out of his life if I couldn’t handle the way he “copes” with things. So I ignored that message and then he sent me a grand finale message saying that he needs a strong woman and not some weak woman like me who is always emotional. He said that since I have a fresh start in college I should find someone else because he is not the one for me and that if I leave him alone he will leave me alone forever. Well, my stubbornness would not allow me to reply to that MEAN text message so it’s actually been a month since the two of us has exchanged words.


    I still refuse to say anything to him, because he is the one who said the mean words. All I want is an apology. I thought Capricorns and Pisces were supposed to be super compatible, why is he so mean to me?! Why is he treating me like this? He used to love me, I know it.


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