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Capricorn woman and virgo man, help!

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    So I starting seeing a virgo man in early November, he asked me out and said he was excited to meet me, etc (we met online). I had absolutely no expectations when meeting him, I never in a billion years thought I’d like him. Well…it is now December 1st and we’ve seen each other 4 times, 2 his asking and 2 mine. Before we met we talked about all kinds of things and he seemed very open and uninhibited, now I have no idea if he even likes me, the only indication is that he is still talking to me via text and sometimes online. I like him a lot and I am extremely unfiltered and comfortable around him which is not normal for me on dates, it really surprises me so I guess that’s a good sign and that I’m excited for the future (if there is one!) I am just very at odds about the whole thing when we aren’t together, however. He went from talking to me everyday online and being the initiator to maybe I’ll talk to him every couple days and he doesn’t talk a whole lot about himself when we are together. I really like him but I am very impatient in the dating world (I am textbook Capricorn on everything except the patient part!) So I am starting to doubt if anything special is going on here because he’s not pursing me much. I’m very confident in every other realm of my life but when it comes to dating, not so much. I’ve never had a serious relationship and this is the first guy I’ve liked in a while so I don’t want to mess it up. The only reason I haven’t pulled the plug on it yet is because I’ve read articles about virgo men being slow in dating. I’m a practical but aggressive/know what I want now Capricorn so the waiting around part is killing me. So, my question is…with all this information I’ve given, do you think I should wait this thing out or does it sound like this dude is not interested?

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