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Capricorn Woman – can you Capricorns relate?

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    I am beginning to realize that many of my traits, qualities and behaviors have a lot to do with my zodiac sign. Not only am I a Capricorn female ( in my twenties), I am a Snake by Chinese Horoscope. If you are a Capricorn, please tell me if you can relate:

    I am very fair and righteous; i don’t like wrongdoings and do not tolerate them. I can smell a lie and exaggeration from far. When i first meet a person, I observe them very closely – their manners, way of speaking, if they have eye contact with me while communicating or are they multitasking by looking away, hence not paying full attention as I believe I deserve. I may judge someone based on what they do and what they thrive to pursue. Intelligence is key and if one lacks this quality, I immediately begin to build a wall. I get turned off by arrogance, cockyness, selfishness, rudeness, lack or morals and respect. I can’t stand those who think they are better than someone else; something happens to me when i come in contact with such individuals, I become very aggressive, competitive and build a sense of rejection. I can tell from meeting someone once if I will ever hang out with them again. I simply cannot surround myself around a bunch of people who are not on my level. Yes, this sounds bad but this is how I am. I work very hard to be where I am and can relate to those who are just as passionate about their careers as I am. Things always have to make sense to me and it is exhausting at times. I like to be in control and aware of my surroundings. I assume a lot and that comes from experience (this much i figured).Even though, I am very social and enjoy meeting new people, I like to be left alone in peace and quiet.

    I consider myself very classy, especially how I dress. I have a classy view on life and often get very disappointed. Like everything else in my life, what one is wearing has to make sense. I work in a “boys club” if you will, and have learned to think like a man and joke like one. This is a very challenging environment and one needs to have a thick skin to survive and move forward – this drives me. I learned how men think and what interests them. This has become somewhat of an issue for me when I am outside of work because I already presume I know the basics when I meet a guy in a social place. Most times, I am correct and because I’ve already prepared myself for a potential disappointment, it does not necessarily surprise me. What this does to me is builds a guard around my heart and i come off very cold. Note, I wrote COLD not rude ( meaning in control of my emotions, almost always expecting a disappointment).


    When I get mad, I am mad with every cell in my body; my head feels like it is set on fire and I do not hold back in what I have to say. It is safe to say, I am very honest and loyal. I tend to think with my head more so than with my heart. I refuse to think with my heart because it knocks me off my balance and it is very tough to get back on track. I cannot tolerate being hurt because it feels like i am physically bleeding inside and it is the worst thing that can happen to me mentally, physically and emotionally. If one violates my trust, it is impossible to gain it back; that is something out of my control. Nothing in life for me is impossible – I do not sit and wait for the good fortune to happen, I lead and take all the matters into my own hands and achieve, thus this makes me a very proud woman. It is very hard for me to fall in love. I want to be loved and adored as most of us do – but I need to be the one and only; i want to be looked at with desire, adoration, appreciation, respect and hunger for lust. I think this is the only time I will open up and let someone see my colors and not this cold exterior. When it comes to dating, I need to know that “he” is interested; I need to see it and feel it. If one doesn’t show me the interest, that’s pretty much where we end. Sometimes I put myself in others shoes and understand why some keep their distance – I come off very cold but in reality I am kind, warm, giving and loving, complete opposite. Although, each of my friends is extremely different than the other, yet what they have alike are good hearts. I love and cherish those who i decide to keep close to me. I care for my friends very much and always myself available when a friend is in need. I am extremely family oriented – what I wouldn’t do for family and friends. 

    The sign of the opposite sex that is really attractive to me is a Scorpio; though if you have a suggestion of what sign would work best for me, that would be much appreciated.


    After reading this, please let me know if you can relate as a Capricorn. All suggestions will be considered and of course, appreciated.



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